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2018-01-16 | Business Information

Bosch to participate in Fukuoka City's telematics pilot project using aftermarket eCall device Visualizing driving behavior data to help Fukuoka City to achieve road safety improvement targets

*Visualizing driving behavior data using Bosch's sensor technology and data analysis *Potential for realizing a solution for contributing to road safety in Fukuoka City *Connected service enables eCall (automatic emergency call) and reduced insurance premiums more

2018-01-08 | Mobility Solutions

Car, we have to talk! Bosch puts the voice assistant behind the wheel

*“Bosch is putting an end to the button chaos in the cockpit. We turn the voice assistant into a passenger,” says Dr. Dirk Hoheisel, Member of the Board of Management of Robert Bosch GmbH. *Voice talent at Bosch is by nature multilingual and does not require an external data connection for support. *“Casey”, “Linda”, or “Michael”: The driver decides on the name for the Bosch voice assistant. more

2018-01-08 | Business Information

CES 2018: Bosch launches BMA400 ultra-low power accelerometer for wearables and IoT applications

*Ultra-low power consumption combined with high performance *Intelligent power management for battery-powered devices *Built-in step counter drawing only 4 μA *BMA400 received CES 2018 Innovation Award *Bosch booth at CES: Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall, #14028 more

2018-01-08 | Business Information

Simply.Connected. in your neighborhood: How Bosch is boosting the IQ of cities to make urban living safer, more efficient, and less stressful

Dr. Stefan Hartung, Member of the board of management of the Robert Bosch GmbH, and Mike Mansuetti, President of Bosch in North America at the Bosch Press Conference, CES 2018, Las Vegas, Nevada (USA), January 8, 2018 Check against delivery. more

2018-01-08 | Business Information

Bosch at CES 2018


2018-01-08 | Business Information

CES 2018: Bosch sees future in smart-city business Smart solutions for better air quality, and for more security and convenience

*Stefan Hartung: “For a long time, the smart city was a vision. We’re helping make it reality.” *Good-bye to air pollution: Climo measures and analyzes air quality in real time (new product) *Good-bye to flooding: digital flood monitoring system keeps track of river water levels and gives flood warnings well in advance *Good-bye to the search for parking: Bosch to offer community-based parking system in as many as 20 U.S. cities from 2018 more

2018-01-08 | Mobility Solutions

Bosch unclutters vehicle cockpit How ditital displays and voice-controlled assitants are rebolutionaizing driving

*Rediscovering the driving experience with HMI. *Smart command center: the driver controls car functions using voice commands and a touchscreen with haptic feedback. *Artificial intelligence in the cockpit: HMI thinks ahead and prioritizes information in real time. *A central cockpit computer controls the complete HMI. more

2018-01-08 | Business Information

CES® 2018 Innovation Award: Bosch smart city solution Climo helps to manage air quality Tiny box provides comprehensive real-time data at a fraction of the cost

*Climo measures air quality in city of Las Vegas during CES 2018 *Intelligent data helps cities to take action on air pollution *Ambient air quality a key objective for urban environmental planning *Connected solution honored in the Smart Cities category *Climo is one of multiple smart city solutions presented by Bosch at CES 2018 more

2018-01-08 | Business Information

Bosch launches high-performance IMU for drone and robotics applications at CES 2018

*Excellent vibration robustness and suppression *Stable to large temperature changes *Automotive-proven low drift gyroscope and superior accelerometer performance *Bosch booth at CES: Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall, #14028 more

2018-01-04 | Business Information

Bosch to acquire stake in map provider HERE Scope for synergies with data-based services

*Bosch to acquire 5 percent in HERE Technologies. *Bosch CEO Denner: “We see possible synergies with data-based services for Industry 4.0, smart homes, and smart cities.” *Focal point of collaboration between Bosch and HERE is global open platforms for all customers, automotive and non-automotive. more

2017-12-14 | Business Information

CES 2018: Bosch is showing these smart solutions in Las Vegas Focus on technologies for connected cities

*Bosch booth at CES 2018: Central Hall, Booth #14028 / Twitter #BoschCES *Connected cities: greater security, energy efficiency, and convenience *Connected mobility: Bosch is working on solutions to make tomorrow’s mobility free of accidents, stress, and emissions *Connected homes: smart homes rely on sensors from Bosch *Connected manufacturing: when it comes to Industry 4.0, Bosch is a leading user and a leading provider *CES 2018 Innovation Awards®: three honors for Bosch solutions more

2017-12-04 | Business Information

A booming automotive market: Bosch opens first smart factory in Thailand Expansion of the company's manufacturing expertise in Southeast Asia

*80 million euros invested in a second Bosch Mobility Solutions plant in Thailand *60 million euros to be spent on expanding pushbelt manufacturing in Vietnam *Peter Tyroller, the member of the Bosch board of management responsible for Asia Pacific: "We continue to focus on sustainable growth in Southeast Asia" *Thailand and Vietnam driving growth for Bosch in Southeast Asia more

2017-11-27 | Business Information

Bosch acknowledged as CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree for BMA400 accelerometer Wearables to benefit from enhanced battery life

*Ultra-low power consumption combined with high performance *Significantly enhanced battery life for always-on devices *Integrated step counter for wearable applications *Bosch booth at CES: Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall, #14028 more

2017-11-22 | Mobility Solutions

Bosch subsidiary’s iDisc helps alleviate particulate-emission problem in cities New Buderus Guss brake disc generates up to 90 percent less brake dust

*Bosch board of management member Hoheisel: "iDisc is the brake disc 2.0. Its market potential is tremendous." *Brakes and tires responsible for 32 percent of driving-related particulate emissions. *iDisc’s carbide coating reduces brake wear and tear while enhancing operating safety. *iDisc is scheduled to go into production for a European manufacturer in November 2017. *Demand for car brake discs stood at more than 330 million units in 2016. more

2017-11-06 | Mobility Solutions

The Bosch innovations on show at the EICMA 2017

*Connectivity systems: connected solutions for more convenience *Assistance systems: greater safety without compromising on riding enjoyment *Powertrain systems and electrification: new riding experience and sustainable powertrain technology more