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2018-02-28 | Business Information

Lithium Energy and Power GmbH & Co KG concludes research and development work on battery technology

*Lithium Energy and Power GmbH & Co KG: joint venture of Bosch, GS Yuasa, and Mitsubishi Corporation *Lithium-ion technology successfully taken forward *Companies to use insights for future activities more

2018-02-28 | Business Information

Battery cells: Bosch opts for outsourcing over in-house manufacturing

*Aim is to lead electromobility mass market from 2020 *Bosch strategy: systems expertise, energy efficiency, and standardization *In-house cell manufacturing is not decisive for success in electromobility *Center of competence secures cell expertise *Bosch supplies electrical powertrains in all vehicle segments, from bicycles to trucks *Find out more about electromobility at Bosch in the webspecial more

2018-02-21 | Business Information

Bosch ConnectedWorld 2018: Press Releases


2018-02-21 | Business Information

Entering the ridesharing business Bosch acquires U.S. carpooling start-up SPLT

*Using an app to share a ride to work: carpooling for commuters *Future mobility services market: double-digit growth is the target *Board of management member Dr. Markus Heyn: “Smartphones are becoming the most important means of travel” more

2018-02-21 | Business Information

How Bosch is transforming driving with connected services Bosch will be showcasing these mobility services at Bosch ConnectedWorld 2018

*From sharing to multimodal: services for stress-free urban mobility. *From smart parking to lifesavers from the cloud: services for connected cars and a relaxed, convenient, and safe drive. *Connectivity is a driver to stress-free, accident-free, and emissions-free mobility. more

2018-02-21 | Business Information

Growth market: mobility as a service Bosch establishes division for connected mobility services

*Bosch CEO Denner: “Connectivity is fundamentally changing how we get from A to B.” *New ridesharing business: Bosch acquires U.S. start-up SPLT *New city: Madrid welcomes e-scooter sharing *World-first: system!e – new services make electromobility suitable for everyday use more

2018-01-30 | Business Information

Bosch significantly increases sales and earnings A successful business year in 2017

*Sales increase to some 78 billion euros *Result from operations climbs to 5.3 billion euros *Mobility Solutions business sector grows faster than automotive production *New Industry 4.0 unit has 500 associates *A host of solutions for smart agriculture and smart cities *Bosch CEO Denner: “We recognized the potential of connectivity early on and are now converting it into business success.” more

2018-01-24 | Mobility Solutions

Bosch, Vodafone, and Huawei enable smart cars to communicate with each other

*Successful tests: Cellular-V2X improves driver assistance systems that no longer just alert drivers, but actively support them as well *For the first time in Europe: Bosch, Vodafone, and Huawei field-test Cellular-V2X. *In real time: car-to-car communication makes driving more relaxed, more efficient, and safer. more

2018-01-16 | Business Information

Bosch to participate in Fukuoka City's telematics pilot project using aftermarket eCall device Visualizing driving behavior data to help Fukuoka City to achieve road safety improvement targets

*Visualizing driving behavior data using Bosch's sensor technology and data analysis *Potential for realizing a solution for contributing to road safety in Fukuoka City *Connected service enables eCall (automatic emergency call) and reduced insurance premiums more

2018-01-08 | Business Information

Bosch launches high-performance IMU for drone and robotics applications at CES 2018

*Excellent vibration robustness and suppression *Stable to large temperature changes *Automotive-proven low drift gyroscope and superior accelerometer performance *Bosch booth at CES: Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall, #14028 more

2018-01-08 | Business Information

Bosch at CES 2018


2018-01-08 | Business Information

CES 2018: Bosch launches BMA400 ultra-low power accelerometer for wearables and IoT applications

*Ultra-low power consumption combined with high performance *Intelligent power management for battery-powered devices *Built-in step counter drawing only 4 μA *BMA400 received CES 2018 Innovation Award *Bosch booth at CES: Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall, #14028 more

2018-01-08 | Mobility Solutions

Bosch unclutters vehicle cockpit How ditital displays and voice-controlled assitants are rebolutionaizing driving

*Rediscovering the driving experience with HMI. *Smart command center: the driver controls car functions using voice commands and a touchscreen with haptic feedback. *Artificial intelligence in the cockpit: HMI thinks ahead and prioritizes information in real time. *A central cockpit computer controls the complete HMI. more

2018-01-08 | Business Information

CES® 2018 Innovation Award: Bosch smart city solution Climo helps to manage air quality Tiny box provides comprehensive real-time data at a fraction of the cost

*Climo measures air quality in city of Las Vegas during CES 2018 *Intelligent data helps cities to take action on air pollution *Ambient air quality a key objective for urban environmental planning *Connected solution honored in the Smart Cities category *Climo is one of multiple smart city solutions presented by Bosch at CES 2018 more

2018-01-08 | Mobility Solutions

Car, we have to talk! Bosch puts the voice assistant behind the wheel

*“Bosch is putting an end to the button chaos in the cockpit. We turn the voice assistant into a passenger,” says Dr. Dirk Hoheisel, Member of the Board of Management of Robert Bosch GmbH. *Voice talent at Bosch is by nature multilingual and does not require an external data connection for support. *“Casey”, “Linda”, or “Michael”: The driver decides on the name for the Bosch voice assistant. more