Bosch Japan Paper Model Downloads

Bosch Japan special racing car & motorcycle paper models. These papercraft models have been introduced on Bosch Japan's Facebook page. Download the free pattern, print it out and make your own special racing car & motorcycle!

2015 Christmas Version

Background for the racing car paper models with a Christmas theme.

Bacground Image


The papercraft patterns for the Christmas scene are available on pages 1-2. The patterns for the racing cars are available on pages 3-4. Please download the file and enjoy creating your own festive Christmas display!

Previous Christmas Versions:

2015 Motorcycle with Spark Plug Design

Motorcycle paper models with a spark plug theme.

2015 Motorcycle Version

2014 Halloween Version

Racing car paper models with a Halloween theme.

2014 Summer Version

2014 Summer Version

Racing car paper models with a theme of the summer constellations.

2014 Summer Version

2014 Spring Version

Racing car paper models with a spring theme.

2014 Spring Version

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