Vehicle Safety



Nov. 2016

Bosch motorcycle systems honoured with Safety Technology Award by ASEAN NCAP
The pioneer in vehicle safety technologies introduces life-saving features for motor-cycles
Bosch motorcycle ABS provides safer riding for two-wheelers
The new motorcycle ABS 10 is specifically developed for the use in ASEAN markets including Indonesia
Stop the Crash: Bosch partners Global NCAP initiative
Vehicle safety systems still underutilized
UN target: 50 percent fewer traffic fatalities by 2020
EICMA International Motorcycle Show 2015, Milan, Italy


Apr. 2015

Ever more rear-end collisions in Germany
Bosch ACC automatically maintains the right distance


Oct. 2014

ABS and MSC protect against accidents
Bosch safety technology for motorcyclists
Offers the best possible brake and acceleration support – now also in bends
Innovation Award 2014 for Bosch
Award for MSC motorcycle stability control

Feb. 2014

Bosch motorcycle stability control
"We want to save thousands of lives"
Interview with Dr. Fevzi Yildirim, director of the Bosch competence center for motorcycle safety


Nov. 2013

The 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013

The 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013: Release List

Milestone for two-wheeler safety
One million motorcycles fitted with Bosch ABS
Antilock braking system has been made in Japan since 1994
Bosch lean-angle sensor features in the Ducati 1199 Superleggera

Oct. 2013

Bosch Motorcycle Stability Control

Bosch lean-angle sensor for motorcycles
Improved safety, comfort, and dynamics on two wheels
Improved safety on two wheels
Bosch motorcycle stability control
Controlled braking - also in bends

Jun. 2013

61st Automotive Press Briefing (Press Releases)

Automated driving
Bosch carries out tests on German roads
Two eyes for binocular vision
Bosch stereo video camera enhances comfort and safety
Driver assistance systems make driving easier
Key component in driver assistance
Bosch manufactures one-millionth radar sensor
Bosch surveys car buyers in three EU countries
Top priority given to safety
Wide awareness of the latest driver assistance systems

Bosch makes driving safer and more comfortable
Assistance systems reach the compact class
Featured in the new Golf

May 2013

Key component in driver assistance
Bosch manufactures one-millionth radar sensor
Automated driving
Bosch carries out tests on German roads

Feb. 2013

Bosch surveys car buyers in three EU countries
Top priority given to safety
Wide awareness of the latest driver assistance systems

Jan. 2013

Less stress during traffic jams
Bosch works on autonomous driving


Dec. 2012

Robust three-axis sensor in engine compartment
First combined inertial sensor with integrated vibration damper for ESP® from Bosch
SMI650 senses yaw rate and acceleration

Nov. 2012

Driver Assistance Systems

China Navigation from Bosch for Volkswagen
Radio, navigation and telephone with touch screen
Convenient and easy operation
More safety when changing lane or reversing out of a parking space
Bosch mid-range radar for rear-end applications
77 gigahertz technology allows global use
Bosch cuts fuel consumption of commercial vehicles:
Eco.Logic motion for economic driving
Lower fuel consumption and emissions
Driver assistance systems are becoming ever more capable
Reach destinations safely and stress-free with Bosch
Two eyes for binocular vision
Bosch stereo video camera enhances comfort and safety
Driver assistance systems make driving easier

Oct. 2012

Safety Systems for Motorcycles

Motorcycle brakes are becoming smarter
Bosch now offers additional functions for the antilock braking system
Software and sensors for even greater safety
Bosch Engineering GmbH
New SU-MM5.10 lean-angle sensor for motorcycles
Safety technology for emerging markets
Bosch develops front ABS for motorcycles
Vehicle dynamics control now also for motorcycles
Bosch stability control makes cornering safer

Aug. 2012

For more safety, assistance, and comfort Bosch launches new ESP® for premium segment

Jun. 2012

Basis for additional safety and assistance functions
Bosch starts series production of new ESP® plus

Apr. 2012

Anniversary for a life saving technology
75 million Bosch ESP® systems
ESP® in nearly every second new car worldwide in 2012
Preventing microsleep
Bosch Driver Drowsiness Detection
Now also featured in the Volkswagen Passat Alltrack


Dec. 2011

The 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011

Systems for improved safety and comfort
Bosch driver assistance systems for all vehicle classes
New Bosch mid-range radar sensor
Cost-effective basis for assistance and safety systems
Reducing the risk of rear-end collisions
Bosch develops emergency braking assistant for low speeds
First series application in the Audi A5
For low fuel consumption and a good range
Bosch regenerative braking systems for hybrid and electric vehicles
New display technology from Bosch
Three-dimensional automobile displays
Spatial representation of information
Future HMI system solutions
Scalable display instruments from Bosch
Freely configurable displays
Second-generation parking assistant
Bay parking also possible with Bosch technology
Making drivers' lives easier
U.S. traffic safety administration takes the initiative
Bosch reversing camera helps prevent accidents while maneuvering
Production application from 2013
Lighter, more comfortable, and fuel saving
New Bosch ZOHe brake caliper
Broad portfolio for front and rear axle
Optimized auxiliary systems reduce consumption
Bosch raises efficiency of small electric motors
EU regulation enters into force in November 2011:
ESP® compulsory in all new car models
Anti-skid system fitted as standard
Electronic Stability Control ESC on the rise in Japan
Over one quarter of new cars in 2010 equipped with live-saving technology

Apr. 2011

Passive protection in accidents
Over 111 million Bosch airbag control units
Restraint systems now standard in most parts of the world


Dec. 2010

Greater stability when braking hard
New Bosch motorcycle ABS goes into series
ABS 9 plus with integrated pressure sensor

Nov. 2010

Completion of vehicle proving ground expansion in Japan
Bosch Technical Center Memanbetsu doubles in size

Sep. 2010

Electronic Stability Control ESC on the rise in Japan
Almost one quarter of new cars equipped
with live-saving technology,
but mini cars penetration still low

Aug. 2010

A milestone in active driving safety
15th anniversary of series production for Bosch ESP®

Jul. 2010

New steering-angle sensor: Bosch LWS6
Cost-optimized model goes to series

May 2010

Cost-effective airbag control unit from Bosch
AB light goes into series production (Japanese only)
Extensive safety in the new Audi A8
Bosch predictive emergency braking system goes into series production


Dec. 2009

Compact and cost-effective
Bosch AB plus airbag control unit
New regulation to improve pedestrian safety
EU makes brake assist mandatory

Nov. 2009

Bosch develops night vision system further
"Night Vision plus" identifies pedestrians
Driving in the dark becomes even safer

Oct. 2009

The 41st Tokyo Motor Show 2009

More safety, comfort, and agility
Bosch safety and driver assistance systems
High-performance Bosch assistance and safety systems go into series production
Comprehensive function package available in the market at the start of 2010
Simplified architecture for on-board networks
Safer, more flexible, and more cost-effective with the Bosch domain control unit (DCU)
More compact and even better performance
New Bosch ABS/ESP® technology
Series start for generation 9 scheduled for 2010
Third-generation Long-Range Radar
Bosch radar sensor even smaller and capable of superior results
Maiden voyage in Porsche Panamera
Bosch launches new motorcycle ABS
World's smallest unit with electro-hydraulic Combined Brake System (eCBS)
Bosch ESP® with Integrated Inertial Sensors launched in new Suzuki Kizashi

Aug. 2009

Percentage up again in 2008
81% of all newly registered cars in Germany with ESP®
Share in Europe also grows significantly

Jul. 2009

First application in brake control systems
Bosch ESP®premium with FlexRay interface
Electronic Stability Control ESC on the rise
Nearly every fifth new car equipped with live-saving technology

Jun. 2009

Bosch invests in Technical Center Memanbetsu
Anticipation of increased ABS and ESC demand

Mar. 2009

European Parliament makes ESC mandatory
Comprehensive package of measures for more road safety


Dec. 2008

Bosch Survey regarding Vehicle Safety in Japan
Awareness regarding ‘active safety’ in Japan lower than in Europe

Nov. 2008

"eSafety Award 2008" in the category Industry & Technology
Bosch communication of ESP® receives award
Drivers are made aware of advantages of safety equipment

Oct. 2008

IAA Commercial Vehicles 2008

Worldwide endeavors to cut the number of accidents
EU Commission plans to mandate ESP® for passenger cars and commercial vehicles

Jul. 2008

From innovation to standard equipment
30 years of safe braking with Bosch ABS
Still too few small cars with ESC
Experts and associations unanimous in call to mandate ESC
Market analysis of ESC (Electronic Stability Control) in Japan:
Results show low ESC installation rate for family-type vehicles

Jun. 2008

Simpler assembly and minimized space requirements
Bosch integrates yaw-rate sensor and acceleration sensors in the ESC control unit

Mar. 2008

More safety for pedestrians
Brake assist systems significantly shorten braking distance


Dec. 2007

FIA World Prize

Highest Road Safety Award for Bosch:
International Automobile Federation FIA honors Bosch for the development and marketing of ESC
Technology explained:
Bosch Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Sep. 2007

IAA 2007

More environmental protection, more road safety: Our areas of innovation for the car across the globe

Aug. 2007

New market investigation by Bosch shows
Small cars in Europe are still only rarely equipped with ESC

Jun. 2007

International Automotive Press Briefing in Boxberg:
Bosch technology is making automobiles around the world even safer, cleaner, and more economical
The vision: low-emission and accident-free driving

May 2007

Anniversary for ABS, TCS and ESC
150 million brake control systems from Bosch
EU Commission, FIA, and Euro NCAP recommend:
"No car without ESC!"
Launch event for the "Choose ESC!" initiative


Oct. 2006

ESC to become standard in the U.S.
U.S. road traffic authority to make ESC mandatory in drive to reduce road deaths further

Jul. 2006

ESC radically reduces accident figures
New US study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety confirms earlier results

May 2006

Bosch supports implementation of the EU Road Safety Charter
Fitting ESP® to more vehicles is the goal


Apr. 2005

Predictive Safety Systems from Bosch - Driver support in situations with high risk of accident