"Bosch Anker" - armature within a circle


The graphic design of the Bosch trademark, the symbol "armature within a circle" and the logotype, is based on continuity. In fact, there have been few changes in the past 100 years.
The Bosch symbol was created as a cross section of a magneto. This "armature within a circle", so-called "Bosch anker" in German, was designed by Gottlob Honold, the head of Development, in 1918. Gottlob Honold was also the inventor of the high-voltage magneto ignition system (1902), which opened the way for further improvement in the performance of gasoline engines.

As a consequence of the First World War, the patents and trademarks associated worldwide with the name Bosch had become virtually worthless.
Gottlob Honold, the Bosch Development Director at that time, was "fired" by a great idea from the sectional model of a magneto on his desk. On November 30, 1918, this model inspired him to design a new trademark that was to prove an investment in the future. From 1921 on, all Bosch products were identified by the "Bosch anker" mark.

The three dementional "Bosch Anker" symbol in silver has now been combined with the logotype as an emblem of our high values for quality, innovation, dynamic strength and modernity, from which we derive our competitive advantage.

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Magneto ignition system

Honold's portrait

Gottlob Honold (1876-1923)

Design sketch

Honold's design sketch (1918)