Tokyo — "Sawayaka Health Plan," a joint initiative between three parties: Bosch Health Insurance Society, Bosch Labor Union, and the Bosch Group in Japan, has received the Supreme Award at the "Sukoyaka Health Insurance Project Award." The Supreme Award is the highest award at the event of the National Federation of Health Insurance Societies. Bosch Corporation Director and Vice President Noriko Morikawa is the director of the Bosch Health Insurance Society. On receiving the award, she commented, "I'm delighted to accept this Supreme Award in recognition of our long-running efforts to promote associate health." She continued, "The 'Sawayaka Health Plan' enables participants to find out in detail about their own physical fitness by comparing with their condition five years earlier and with colleagues of the same age. In this way, it can draw their attention to the importance of their health. The program has been well-received by associates and I hope it will be continued indefinitely." In receiving the award, the program was praised not only for its long-term continuation of an effective healthcare program, but also measures to make an environment that is easy to participate in by holding the program on weekdays for the past two years, and achieving an ideal collaborative project between three entities.

The Sawayaka Health Plan
The plan was a health measure that started in 1985 as part of an effort to encourage mental and physical health for associates. Today, the program continues to contribute to "health management"* and has been running continuously for 30 years.

The program offers a "physical fitness measurement" every five years for participants aged 35 and above, and a "Health Promotion Seminar" every 10 years for participants aged 35 and above. With the physical fitness measurement, participants are given a clear measurement result comparing their physical fitness with the national average for people their age and with their fitness five years earlier. This makes them aware of their fitness level at that point, motivating them to build up their fitness and increase their health. At the "Health Promotion Seminar," participants hear lectures on topics such as health, nutrition, dental, and mental health, from health specialists such as industrial physicians, nurses, managing nutritionists, dental hygienists, and industrial counselors. The participants are encouraged to review the need to promote their health and review their lifestyle habits in accordance with their age group.

Health Support from Professional Health Specialists
Bosch Health Insurance Society undertakes various initiatives other than the Sawayaka Health Plan to enable associates to work healthy with peace of mind. In Higashimatsuyama city in Saitama prefecture where one of Bosch's largest locations is, the Society directly operates its own clinic (internal medicine and dental) and Health Promotion Center, conducts various medical diagnostic, and exercise programs, and also provides a cooking room, nutrition counseling office, and mental health counseling room. These facilities are staffed by full-time physicians, nurses, dental hygienists, managing nutritionists, mental health counselors, and exercise trainers who provide associates with health support.

Creating Comfortable Working Environments
In addition to these measures, Bosch Corporation, a Japanese organization of Bosch Group a leading global supplier of technologies and services, continues to implement various long-running initiatives to create comfortable working environments, giving consideration to associates' work-life balance to ensure that they can continue working in good health.
All main offices except for sales offices have staff cafeterias to provide an environment where associates can have low-cost meals with outstanding nutritional balance.
Furthermore, all back-office departments have implemented various systems such as flexible time systems as well as a telecommuting system to facilitate childcare/nursing care, and a general home office system not restricted to child-care/nursing care, a childcare/nursing care leave system and a system of short working hours for childcare/nursing care offering more than the legally required minimum conditions. In addition, there are various internal training programs such as childcare-related training for associates returning from childcare leave and their supervisors.
The annual leave usage rate for non-managerial positions is close to 100%, and the turnover rate has been maintained at around 1% for many years.
The Bosch Group is engaging in various diversity activities to improve associates' work-life balance and to further promote active roles for female associates. The Company plans to bolster these activities further going forward, in cooperation with the Bosch Health Insurance Society and the Bosch Labor Union.

* "health management": "If the Company cares for the health of its associates it can expect big success also in business"; taking this as basis health management can be viewed economically and implemented strategically. (source: Kenko Keiei Kenkyukai)

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