Tokyo — Bosch Corporation, the Japanese subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH, a leading company providing innovative technologies and services on a global scale, will operate an overseas internship program "Global Internship @Bosch", providing an internship opportunity at Bosch's subsidiaries in Japan and overseas to university students in Japan. The internship is for Japanese resident university students majoring in sciences, and takes place over the summer break. Applications open from May 9th, and students can apply at Bosch Japan website.

Developing engineers who can lead development on a global stage
Today, the environment surrounding the manufacturing industry is changing. In Japan, engineers who can lead the evolution of development globally are expected to play an even more important role in the future. Bosch Corporation is engaged in research and development with around 45,700 engineers working at a total of 94 locations in countries around the world. Bosch seeks to contribute to the development of engineers in Japan by providing Japanese university students with internship opportunities in its truly global environment. The internship has been created to fulfill this aspiration.

Participating in actual projects in exciting Vietnam
This internship is held at Bosch Corporation's development site in Yokohama and at Bosch's subsidiary in Vietnam, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Vietnam Co., Ltd.. The participants will first receive basic training in Yokohama, before traveling to Vietnam to work with local associates on actual engineering projects such as development of software for engine control units (ECU) and design of a fuel injector equipment. Bosch Corporation is engaged in engineering at sites all over the world. It is particularly active in projects for Japanese automakers with its local subsidiaries in Asia. At the company in Vietnam, the site for this internship, the participants will experience an extremely stimulating environment. The company is a new organization, marking its fifth founding anniversary this year. The associates are very young and energetic. Furthermore, to develop products for vehicles products in countries all over the world, the company cooperates closely with several locations around the world, including in Japan and Germany. Speaking about this internship, Bosch Corporation President Udo Wolz commented, "There are not many opportunities for Japanese university students to gain engineering work experience in a global environment like that of Bosch. We hope that young people who will lead Japan in the future can use this precious opportunity to get a sense of what it takes to lead development on a global scale."

Overview of Internship Program
Target:Japanese resident university undergraduates and graduates majoring in sciences
Period:August 24 (Wed) to September 10 (Sat), November 3 (Thu)
Location:Yokohama, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Number of participants:Around 10 to 15
Program examples:ECU software development and testing
Fuel injection equipment design, etc.
* Subject to change
Global Internship Details:

Contact person for press inquiries:
Naomi Funada
Yuka Matsumoto

Working Environment at Bosch

Experience diversity, an open environment, and Bosch's corporate culture
One of the aims of the internship is to allow participants to experience Bosch's corporate culture and working environment. In addition to Vietnam, where the internship at Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Vietnam Co., Ltd. is located, Bosch has associates engaged in engineering in various countries, such as India, Germany, and Mexico. Participants can encounter different opinions and new perspectives in this richly diverse environment as they take on the challenge of the internship program. Moreover, Bosch is making a focused effort to promote diversity and to cultivate a corporate culture where associates of all nationalities, genders, ranks, and ages interact equally and openly. This internship will also offer an opportunity to experience Bosch's diverse and open environment.

Bosch working environment appeals to young talent
Bosch has expertise and know-how cultivated over the 130 years since its founding and in its business fields. It also provides the conditions sought by the young generation. For example, Bosch has a program for developing young managers. This program offers young talent who aspire to be board members or mangers the necessary training to become a business leader, such as overseas work experience. The participants are associates in their 30s aiming to work in key roles such as a unit leader. Bosch is also focusing its efforts on helping its associates to achieve a work-life balance by promoting work styles that suit the lifestyle needs of each associate. Bosch Japan also expanded its telecommuting system in November 2015, enabling associates to make use of the system for any reason, such as child raising, nursing, illness or injury, without any particular restriction. Bosch aims to further enhance the system for promoting such flexible work styles, and to foster a corporate culture to deepen understanding of this system. The ultimate goal is to realize a work environment that enables a high level of satisfaction among associates.