Tokyo — Bosch Corporation, the Japanese subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH, a leading company providing innovative technologies and services on a global scale, will participate in Automotive Engineering Exposition 2016 Yokohama, to be held for three days from May 25 (Wed) to May 27 (Fri). Bosch will exhibit its wide ranging solutions for shaping mobility, today and in the future.

In the field of powertrain systems and electrified mobility, Bosch will exhibit the intelligent thermal management system for EVs for the first time in an exposition in Japan. This system improves cost and energy efficiency for summer cooling and winter heating, and can extend the vehicle range by 25 percent (winter, city cycle) without compromising passenger comfort. Bosch will also exhibit the active gas pedal, which helps drivers save fuel – and alerts them to potentially dangerous situations as well by producing a light vibration. For gasoline engines, Bosch will exhibit Denoxtronic systems which can lower NOx emissions by up to 96 percent. The system can meet the more severe emission legislation and new driving cycle. The exhibit includes other products and technologies such as direct injection systems for diesel and gasoline engines, electrification systems for low and high voltage, and components for transmission.

For automated mobility solutions, Bosch will display various sensors and safety systems for realizing parking assistance and automated driving, as well as an electric power steering system that helps improve fuel economy.

Bosch's exhibit for connected mobility solutions will include its gateway for in-car security, an increasingly important aspect of realizing connected cars. In addition to security solutions, Bosch will also exhibit the freely programmable cluster which enables flexible design of the vehicle displays.

In parts and services for two-wheelers, Bosch will display holistic solutions which realize riding innovation. The exhibit will include side view assist, the world's first advanced rider assistance system (ARAS) for motorcycles and integrated connectivity cluster (ICC) which is specially developed for motorcycle. Side view assist and ICC will be shown for the first time in Japan.

Contact persons for press inquiries:
Naomi Funada
Yuka Matsumoto