Tokyo – Bosch, a leading global supplier for innovative technologies and services, has extended its test vehicle fleet to accelerate automated driving development in Japan. Moreover, to enhance its system development capabilities with focus on new technologies, Bosch has introduced cross-organizational system development in Japan.

New Test Vehicle with Highly Automated Driving Functions Developed in Japan
Bosch is currently developing automated driving in three locations: Germany, the United States, and Japan. In all these countries, the company has already successfully driven several test vehicles for more than 10,000 kilometers without an accident. With its development, Bosch is pursuing to make road traffic safer and more efficient. Now Bosch's automated driving development will see the addition of a new test vehicle developed in Japan. The new test vehicle is being developed to realize highway pilot, which allows cars to drive autonomously on freeways and freeway-like roads without driver's supervision. Since October 2015, the Japanese team has been working on achieving this technology. Development in Japan provides the company with highly valuable observations of automated driving due to the country's left-hand driving and uniquely complex traffic conditions.

System Development Capabilities Increased by New Organization Established for Advanced Technology
Bosch is successfully working on further improving each of its chassis system control components. In the future, this will remain essential. However, it is becoming important to consider broader interaction between components as well as to realize advanced system technology such as highly automated driving. To manage these challenges, Bosch has established a new organization, which is committed to system development. It allows its engineers to work across the existing framework as one unit. The system development organization is consisting of more than 60 experts with different engineering backgrounds. By increasing those capabilities and resources in Japan, Bosch is expanding the local support for its Japanese customers to become an even more valuable partner.

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