Tokyo – Bosch Corporation, the Japanese subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH, a leading company providing innovative technologies and services on a global scale, will participate in Automotive Engineering Exposition 2017 Yokohama, to be held for three days from May 24 (Wed) to May 26 (Fri). Bosch will exhibit its wide ranging solutions for shaping mobility, today and in the future.

Japan premier: New platform for FOTA (Firmware update over the air) and SOTA (Software update over the air)
Connected functions and especially highly automated driving call for consistently reliable functioning throughout the vehicle's entire life cycle. This requires software updates that can be carried out via the cloud. Bosch offers the appropriate communication control units and the central gateway computer, while ETAS and ESCRYPT (both parts of the Bosch Group) provide the necessary transmission and encryption technologies. These ensure functional safety and data security. Furthermore Bosch exploits corresponding development processes and methods for "over the air" updates. Today the features which are available for vehicles and the behavior of these vehicles are defined during the development phase. Later on any functionality or application update, if at all, can only be done in the service workshop or by specialist on site. In addition the processes and tooling to perform an update often is depending on the target control unit. To change this situation, Bosch develops an open ecosystem, Automotive Feature Development Platform and Feature Store, starting from the development environment in the cloud up to the global management, licensing and distribution of software applications. This allows to introduce customer-specific requirements in the vehicle easily, on short notice and at any time worldwide. FOTA as well as adding dedicated SOTA is supported. It enables customers to create new services, to reduce the total cost of ownership and to support the vehicles under second or third ownership. The company presents this new platform at the exposition for the first time in Japan.

Japan premier: Bosch connected solutions enables more safety, comfort and fun for motorcycles
Integrated Connectivity Cluster: The rider information system, known as the Integrated Connectivity Cluster, combines all the motorcycle's instrumentation on a single display and makes it possible for riders to use their smartphone. The advantage of this is that the system automatically adapts the display to current usage. That means the rider is shown only the information needed at that particular moment. This in turn reduces distraction, thus enhancing safety. So, for example, at high speeds, all the display information elements with the exception of the speed indicator and warning notifications are gradually hidden. The display is easy to read in all weather conditions. Even in direct sunlight, the colors are distinct and the contrast is very high; and in the dark the display does not dazzle the rider. What is more, it endures rain. This innovative system was honoured to with the CES Innovation Award in the In-Vehicle Audio/Video category.
mySPIN: Already available for cars since 2014, mySPIN has now been adapted for two-wheelers, providing the perfect solution for sharing information such as traffic conditions or route preferences with other bikers. In the system development stage, Bosch paid special attention to road safety and the avoidance of rider distraction. mySPIN pares down phone apps to show only the most essential information on the motorcycle's display. Once a smartphone has been connected to the motorcycle, the bike's display and handlebar control devices can be used to access data on the phone, including contacts, calendars, and favorite apps. Thanks to direct access to the contacts stored on the phone, inter-app communication facilitates tasks such as entering navigation destinations. As a cross-platform solution, mySPIN is fully compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. mySPIN was premiered at EICAM 2016, the world's largest motorcycle show.

List of the technology and services presented at the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2017

Powertrain and electrified mobility
  • Common rail and exhaust gas alter treatment system
  • 48V Volt hybrid powertrain solutions
  • High-voltage electrification portfolio
  • The reinvention of the CVT pushbelt: Single Loopset Belt
  • Components for Thermal management systems
Automated mobility
  • Integrated Safety Systems
  • Redundant brake system
  • Electric Power Steering Servolectric® - EPSapa (axis parallel type) and EPSc (column type)
  • Redundant motor and ECU for electric power steering
Connected mobility
  • Automotive Feature Development Platform and Feature Store
  • Freely Programmable Cluster
  • Central gateway and firmware-update over the air (FOTA)
  • Connected parking
  • Integrated Connectivity Cluster
  • mySPIN for motorcycle
  • Motorcycle Stability Control
  • Cost-effective solution for small two-wheeler segments in emerging markets
Contact persons for press inquiries:
Naomi Funada
Yuka Matsumoto