Annual Press Conference 2017 in Tokyo
Bosch achieved good progress with electrification, automation and connectivity while expanding into a new business field

  • Business development: Sales in Japan for 2016 of 267 billion yen, global sales to Japanese auto makers* up six percent year-on-year
  • Electrification: Series production of 48V hybrid system for Japanese auto makers in 2019
  • Automation: Further strengthen system development capabilities for automated driving and advanced technologies for the Japanese market
  • Connectivity: Start providing wireless updates of onboard firmware for Japanese auto makers in 2019
  • Expansion: Entering a new business field with the AI-based smart agriculture solution "Plantect ™"

Annual Press Conference 2017
New conception of mobility, new perceptions of technology:
Bosch is driving transformation

Dr. Udo Wolz
President and Representative Director
Bosch Corporation Japan


Artificial intelligence at Bosch

Christoph Peylo
Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence


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