Tokyo — Active Line Plus, the latest series of pedelec system from a leading global supplier of technology and services Bosch, has been chosen by several major global bicycle brands for use in their 2018 models for sale in Japan. Companies offering bicycles with Active Line Plus system from Bosch include comprehensive bicycle brand Trek; Tern, which targets city riders with a focus on folding bikes and mini velos; German-based comprehensive bicycle brand Corratec; and the world's longest-history existing bicycle brand, Bianchi.

Bosch eBike Systems expand possibilities for city cycling
Through smaller, lighter-weight assist units with evolved batteries, eBikes are transforming bicycle culture in a variety of ways. In particular, this year is being hailed as 'the year of the eBike,' with a number of highly designed products on offer, such as city bikes with near-sports bike level functionality.
Bosch eBike Systems provide customers with the joy of riding. First to grasp these changing trends, the portfolio includes stylishly designed units to match modern bicycle frames. In particular, Bosch eBike Systems are designed for everyday eBike use, including a focus on providing a natural pedalling feeling for bicycles equipped with assist units, a smooth ride even when you are riding without power assist, and quiet motors.
In response to changes in bicycle culture and transportation, major global bicycle brands such as Trek, Tern, Corratec and Bianchi have chosen to use these highly reliable Bosch eBike Systems assist units.

Pedelec transform human transportation and logistics
Pedelecs are a major element of Bosch's central Mobility Solutions business. While demand, of course, is rising for bicycles for leisure purposes, with the future of urban planning in mind, pedelecs are a necessity that cannot be ignored.
It is said that 51% of bicycle transport in Europe will shift to pedelecs in the future, and that such bicycles will provide a solution to urban transportation problems such as lack of parking spaces and traffic. Approximately 3 million or more pedelecs are already on the road in Germany, where Bosch's corporate headquarters are located, and sales in Europe alone are expected to reach 3.3 million vehicles per year by 2023.
Overseas, pedelecs have also been recognized as a solution with significant impact for the world of logistics, with cargo ebike, capable of easily carrying up to 200 kg, receiving attention for their potential to revolutionize existing distribution systems.

Full support for dealer shops through Japanese service partner, Intertec Inc.
Bosch unit parts, as well as stable supply of after-parts, are handled by Bosch's Japanese service partner Intertec Inc., an import sales outlet with impressive sales for a variety of import bicycle brands. The company also provides services such as a call center, warranty support, supply of replacement parts and technical/sales support.

Overview of Brands equipped with Bosch eBike Systems in Japan
Brand name: Trek

Brand name: Tern

Brand name: Corratec

Brand name: Bianchi

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