Tokyo — Plantect, a smart agriculture solution from Bosch, a leading global supplier of technology and services, has received a 2017 Good Design Award (sponsor: Japan Institute of Design Promotion). Bosch will be exhibiting at Agri World 2017, which is scheduled to open October 11 (Wed.), 2017, including exhibition of an actual Good Design Award recipient Plantect device.

Plantect is a software-based monitoring and disease prediction service for greenhouse cultivation that utilizes sensors and AI. The system consists of sensors that measure greenhouse environments and software to predict disease outbreaks based on measured values. (As of September 2017, disease prediction is only available for greenhouse tomatoes.) Plantect utilizes long-range low-power communication (LoRA), which offers a host of benefits such as power efficiency. Additionally, as Plantect sensors are battery-driven, initial setup requires no construction, not even wiring such as electrical outlets and communication cables. The device can be installed wherever necessary inside a greenhouse, using wireless communication. The service requires no upfront expenses and can be utilized simply by paying the monthly fee, with a variety of aspects making the system easy to adopt for new users.

Plantect was recognized for both its physical design sense and its extensive services to meet farmers' needs. Bosch Corporation has received Good Design awards in the past for automotive aftermarket products and powers tools, but this is the company's first time receiving the award for a software-based solution. "With investment and installation, barrier to adopting IoT solutions is high for small to medium scale farms. I'm overjoyed that Plantect has received this award, in recognition of both its functionality in meeting the needs of farmers and for it's seed-themed distinct design," said Masayasu Yamamoto, in charge of design direction for the Plantect, in response to receiving the award.

Exhibiting at 7th Agri World Convention, with demonstration of actual device to be held
Bosch Corporation will be exhibiting at the 4th Next-Generation Agriculture Expo, which is being held as part of the 7th Agri World convention—Asia's largest exhibition of agricultural industry solutions—at Makuhari Messe from October 11 (Wed.) to 13 (Fri.). Bosch is also scheduled to exhibit an actual Plantect device, including demonstrations.

Exhibition overview of Agri World 2017
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