Tokyo — Bosch, a leading global supplier of technology and services, will exhibit a range of products and technologies for realizing stress-free, accident-free and emissions-free mobility at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show.
At a press briefing held at the show, Dr. Rolf Bulander, a member of the Bosch Board of Management and Chairman of the Mobility Solutions business sector, stated "The Mobility Solutions business unit's global sales in 2016 were around 43.9 billion Euros, and year-on-year sales growth in 2017 is expected to be around 7%–three times the growth of the global automobile production. Strong sales growth in the domestic market is also expected in 2017 by offering matching products and technologies to the growing demand for automated, connected and electrified mobility in Japan." The forecast of this year's domestic sales growth will be even outpacing the automobile production.

Vision #1 Accident-free: Automated driving for safe, accident-free mobility

Bosch partners with INCREMENT P CORPORATION to develop high-resolution maps for automated driving
Bosch's objective in tackling automated driving is to reduce the number of traffic accidents. There are many steps that must be cleared before automated driving on city streets is achieved. High-resolution maps, which allow for constant awareness of a car's exact location, are one of those steps. Bosch is currently cooperating with TomTom in Europe and Baidu, AutoNavi and NavInfo in China to develop high-resolution maps for automated driving. These high-resolution maps are utilized by Bosch Road Signature, currently under development by Bosch. Bosch Road Signature uses data collected from on-board radar and cameras to integrate reliable positional information of the vehicle into high-resolution maps on a real-time basis, reliable enough to ascertain the car's position in a lane to within a few centimeters. In addition, Bosch has entered into an agreement with map provider INCREMENT P CORPORATION to begin working on development of high-precision maps in Japan as of October 2017.

Bosch participates in automated driving field operation test "SIP-adus"
Bosch Corporation decided on the participation in dynamic map field tests as part of the 'Strategic Innovation Promotion Program-Automated Driving for Universal Services' (SIP-adus), an automated driving development project lead by the Japanese government. Bosch has been carrying out automated driving public road tests in Japan since 2015, and is working to develop automated driving systems suited to Japan's unique traffic conditions. By participating in the SIP-adus field tests, Bosch will contribute to realizing automated driving in Japan, while results from the field tests will also prove useful to Bosch's development of automated driving worldwide.

Vision #2 Stress-free: Connected services for stress-free mobility

Bosch supplies emergency call service eCall to Mercedes Benz in Japan
Connected mobility reduces mobility-related stress for people and contributes to better safety. Bosch global service provider eCall is a connected service for driver safety. eCall automatically transmits a call to the Bosch service center when an accident is detected, thus it enables a fast response to help save passengers' lives. Bosch established a service center in Japan and already started providing eCall service to Mercedes Benz in Japan from this past summer. In the future, Bosch is exploring expanding the feature to include concierge, roadside assistant and other services as new mobility solutions that enhance car users' safety and reduce their stress.

OTA (Over-the-air) update demonstration vehicle premieres in Japan
The OTA (Over-the-air) update feature for wireless updating of on-board software and apps will make cars more convenient. Bosch will exhibit a demonstration vehicle, capable of a variety of connected services including the OTA update, for the first time in Japan at the Tokyo Motor Show. With OTA updates, drivers will be able to add functions to their vehicle after purchasing, ranging from major features such as lane-keeping systems to conveniences such as apps to search for parking spaces. Owners will be able to add and change on-board features from their own homes over the car's lifetime. As one of the world's few single source suppliers capable of providing OTA updates, Bosch plans to begin offering OTA solutions to Japanese automakers in 2019.

Vision #3 Emission-free: Solutions for environmentally-friendly mobility

"Start-up" powertrain for eMobility, eAxle to be exhibited in Japan for the first time
The popularization of e-mobility, as one choice among environmentally-friendly vehicles, is increasing in pace. The eAxle developed by Bosch integrates motors, power electronics and transmissions in to a single unit, contributing to increased range, lower costs and reduced development time. Additionally, the eAxle is flexible and can be equipped in most vehicles, from small electric vehicles to hybrid SUVs. At the Tokyo Motor Show Bosch will exhibit total solutions for electric vehicles including the eAxle.

Bosch eBike systems as a new option for Japanese city cyclists
Bosch supplies systems for electric power assisted bicycles, combining drive, battery, display and charger, to a number of bicycle makers in Europe, Canada, America, Australia and New Zealand. The high-functionality of these systems have earned Bosch the support of many customers, who say they prefer electric power assisted bicycles equipped with Bosch systems. The functionality of bicycles equipped with Bosch systems has resulted in the creation of a new 'premium segment' category in the bicycle market. Bosch has currently grown into the global market leader in this segment. Electric power assisted bicycles equipped with Bosch units will also be released in Japan, beginning 2018. Four brands, Term, Corratec, Trek and Bianchi, are scheduled to release models equipped with Bosch's newest system, Active Line Plus. Dr. Fouad Bennini, Asia Pacific General Manager for Bosch eBike Systems, stated that "Models equipped with Bosch units provide the ideal choice for the Japanese customers looking for a bicycle that combines the comfort of electric power assistance with stylish cycling."

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