Tokyo — Bosch, a leading global supplier of technology and services, has reached an agreement to cooperate with INCREMENT P CORPORATION, map provider and Pioneer's wholly owned subsidiary, in the field of high-resolution maps, utilizing on-board sensors for automated driving.

Bosch Road Signature: provides reliable vehicle position within a few centimeters
To realize automated driving, vehicles need to have exact location information at all times. To this end, Bosch is currently working on development of Bosch Road Signature, a vehicle localization technology that utilizes on-board camera and radar sensors. Data collected by the on-board vehicle sensors is sent to Bosch's cloud servers to continually update the localization layer. This localization layer is then integrated into high-resolution maps created by partner companies. To determine their location, automated vehicles compare video and radar sensor data of their surroundings to corresponding information from the localization layer.

With Bosch's Radar Road Signature, a vehicle localization technology based on radar, a vehicle's exact location can be determined to within a few centimeters. In contrast to on-board camera based localization technology, it can determine a location even in conditions of poor visibility, such as at night or while raining.
The volume of data that must be transmitted to the cloud can also be kept lower than with camera-based maps.

Japan partnership in high resolution maps for automated driving
Bosch currently cooperates with major map providers in North America, Europe and China to develop the high-resolution maps for automated driving utilizing Bosch Road Signature. This time, as part of the cooperation with INCREMENT P, Bosch will provide Radar Road Signature localization layer data to INCREMENT P, and INCREMENT P will create maps for automated driving integrating Radar Road Signature localization layer. The president of Bosch Corporation's Chassis Systems Control Division in Japan, Lutz Hillebold, stated, "I am very happy that we have partnered with INCREMENT P, a leading map provider in Japan. Establishing a partnership in Japan is a major milestone in providing Bosch Road Signature to automakers globally. This partnership should further accelerate Bosch's development of automated driving in Japan."
President and CEO of INCREMENT P CORPORATION, Takumi Jinguji, stated that, "cooperating with partners is indispensable for creating and updating high-precision maps for automated driving. To realize automated driving, reliable vehicle localization is a challenge which requires a suitable relationship between various sensor data fusion technologies and maps. We look forward to solving this issue through our partnership. And we hope to contribute to realizing and popularizing automated driving by strengthening development of high-resolution maps for automated driving."

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