Tokyo- Bosch, a leading global supplier of technology and services, is to participate in Fukuoka City's pilot project for trialing an IoT telecommunications network using a dongle that collects data related to driving behavior such as acceleration, deceleration, and steering.

Bosch has developed an aftermarket eCall device that plugs into the car's cigarette lighter, called the "Telematics eCall Plug" (Fig. 1, 2). By programming the device with an algorithm that calculates data detected by a triaxial acceleration sensor and other sensors, the device can detect driving behavior such as braking, acceleration, deceleration, and steering, as well as the impact of an accident. A dedicated smartphone app and dongle communicate so that the collected data can be transmitted to the service provider via the app. This enables the collection of information about driving behavior as well as provision of the eCall service, which automatically places a call to a service center when a collision accident occurs. Bosch's telematics eCall plug is also scheduled to be launched in the United States in the second half of 2018.

In the pilot project, around 100 volunteer drivers will act as monitors. With the dongles fitted in their vehicles, their driving behavior data will be collected for up to two months. Analyzing the data collected in the pilot project will enable their driving behavior to be visualized, and make it possible to realize services that can contribute to better road safety, such as creating a hazard map showing areas where sudden braking occurs frequently. The data collected in the pilot project is to be submitted to Fukuoka City to help achieve the targets of Fukuoka City's 10th Fukuoka City Road Safety Plan. Bosch's partners in this pilot project are Japan Systems Co., Ltd. and SoftBank Corp. Bosch Corporation will provide the dongle and the solution for data analysis, while Japan Systems Co., Ltd. will be responsible for visualization of the collected data. SoftBank Corp. will examine development of services using the data based on the results of the pilot project.

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