Tokyo — Bosch Corporation plans to sell its Plantect™ smart agriculture service for greenhouse cultivation, featuring environment monitoring and disease prediction, in South Korea and China in 2019. Bosch has received cumulative orders of over 4,000 Plantect™ devices including sensors and gateway in Japan since the service was launched in August 2017, and now aims to expand the business further by entering the South Korean and Chinese markets.

2019 Entry into the markets of South Korea and China, where greenhouse cultivation is widespread
Greenhouse horticulture is widely practised in South Korea and China as in Japan. South Korea has around 52,000 ha occupied by greenhouse horticulture*1, and China around 3.8 million ha. By comparison, greenhouse horticulture in Japan occupies around 43,000 ha. South Korea and China are therefore expected to have significant demand for the service. Within one year of its expansion into South Korea and China, Bosch aims to generate sales equal to or greater than its sales in Japan. Looking ahead, Bosch plans to continue its expansion beyond South Korea and China into other overseas markets where greenhouse cultivation is widespread.

Further expansion of target crops and diseases, and more affordable user fees
Plantect™'s disease prediction service for greenhouse crops is currently only available for tomatoes. However, Bosch plans to roll out disease prediction services for strawberries and cucumbers one after another starting in 2019. With the greenhouse cultivated strawberry market in Japan worth around 93.0 billion yen*2 and the market for cucumbers is worth around 172.0 billion yen*2, these two crops have significant potential. Cucumbers prefer high humidity, and yields increase with higher humidity. However, the risk of disease outbreaks also rises. Low humidity can also encourage different types of disease. Cucumbers are noted among greenhouse crops for requiring particular care regarding disease. Since strawberry yields can be impacted by diseases that affect the appearance of the fruit, disease prediction services can help to increase yields. The types of disease currently covered by the disease prediction service for tomatoes were increased from gray mold with the addition of leaf blight in June 2018. Bosch plans to expand the target scope for disease prediction further going forward, with the addition of powdery mildew and black leaf mold. The company will also steadily expand prediction services for diseases affecting strawberries and cucumbers.

Since the variety of target diseases for prediction is going to expand, the fee for the disease prediction function has been changed. The subscription fee is set at lower price for each disease, and customers can select their required disease prediction according to their needs. "Since Plantect™ has successfully increased the number of covered diseases for prediction, we are delighted to announce that the fee for the disease prediction has been lowered", said Klaus Meder, President and Representative Director of Bosch Corporation. This more economical and flexible pricing is offered to all existing and future customers.

Adding function enhancements based on user feedback
Bosch has made repeated improvements to the user interface for Plantect™ based on feedback from users received over the year since the service was launched. The interface applied in August 2018 offers a user-customizable display with a wider range of display including various data such as temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration and so forth. Furthermore, it is now possible to record planting data such as agrochemical application dates and types, disease outbreak date, crop planting density, and harvest dates for each season. This makes it possible for users to record and download not only environmental data, but also data on disease prevention activities. Bosch also plans to add an alarm notification function in October, in response to a large number of user requests for this feature. The alarm notification is sent to a registered email address when the temperature or humidity exceed a set threshold, enabling users to be aware of changes in the environment inside the greenhouse without having to access the Plantect™ installation site.

Exhibitions at AGRI WORLD and CEATEC
Bosch will exhibit Plantect™ at AGRI WORLD 2018, which will be held from October 10 (Wed) to 12 (Fri) and at CEATEC JAPAN 2018, which will be held from October 16 (Tue) to 19 (Fri). At AGRI WORLD, Bosch will present a Plantect™ installation as well as examples of customers who are using Plantect™.

*1 Excluding tunnel-type plastic greenhouses
*2 According to a survey by Bosch Corporation

- Dates: October 10 (Wed) to 12 (Fri)
- Venue: Makuhari Messe
- Bosch booth No.: 36-48

- Dates: October 10 (Tue) to 19 (Fri)
- Venue: Makuhari Messe
- Bosch booth No.: A063

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