Tokyo — Bosch Corporation (President and Representative Director: Klaus Meder, hereinafter Bosch) announced today that the company has launched a personnel staffing service that dispatches Bosch's retirement age associates on external assignments starting from this month. In the first phase, Bosch started introducing and dispatching human resources to Bosch Group companies, and plans to expand its services to partners and sales agents, and other affiliated companies starting in April 2021. Furthermore, the main dispatch work is expected to include project-related design, development, production, quality control, purchasing and sales. The company has already obtained permission from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for a worker dispatch service.

Bosch has been operating the Bosch Management Support (BMS) system since 2010. The system is designed to utilize the skills and experience of Bosch associates who have reached retirement age. Traditionally, the retired associates were assigned to positions within the company by matching their many years of skill and experience with Bosch's internal needs, and have been taking on the role of passing on knowledge and educating young associates. Now, the system will expand its scope to dispatching individuals on external assignments, offering retired employees a wider selection of job types and industries and helping to increase their motivation to work.

Bosch Corporation president and representative director, Klaus Meder, commented, "By expanding the range of dispatch assignments to outside of Bosch, our senior experts can select projects that better match their own experience and skills, which is expected to help increase their motivation. In addition the company can use the vast knowledge of our retired employees for an extended scope." He continued, "Bosch has developed various initiatives such as flexible working systems and an internal recruiting system to provide a better working environment for our associates. The new measure is being launched as part of these efforts."

Bosch associates who have reached retirement age can register with BMS as desired and apply for projects according to their suitability without any upper age limit. Approximately 140 people are currently registered, and since the system started in 2010, retirement aged workers have participated in over 200 internal projects.

Robert Bosch GmbH established Bosch Management Support GmbH in Germany in 1999, and has since expanded the number of countries covered by its services to 10 countries worldwide: Germany, Japan, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Austria, India, and China. Robert Bosch GmbH is promoting BMS as part of its global diversity strategy. Through BMS, the company will create an environment in which individuals can utilize their skills and experience after reaching retirement age, and choose their work with a sense of motivation.

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