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Dec. 2017

Bosch at CES 2018
A booming automotive market: Bosch opens first smart factory in Thailand
Expansion of the company's manufacturing expertise in Southeast Asia

Nov. 2017

Bosch acknowledged as CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree for BMA400 accelerometer
Wearables to benefit from enhanced battery life
Bosch subsidiary’s iDisc helps alleviate particulate-emission problem in cities
New Buderus Guss brake disc generates up to 90 percent less brake dust
EICMA 2017: How Bosch is taking the motorcycle into the future
Bosch’s two-wheeler and powersports business is growing twice as fast as the market
The Bosch innovations on show at the EICMA 2017

Oct. 2017

CES 2018 Innovation Awards for Bosch connectivity solutions
Smart thanks to Bosch: what connected trucks and clever homes have in common
Bosch at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017: Press Releases
The 45th Tokyo Motor Show: Bosch is pursuing growth through transformation of mobility
Accelerating efforts to achieve the accident-free, stress-free, emissions-free mobility of the future
Bosch is paving the path to a mobility free from accident, stress and emissions
Bosch and INCREMENT P CORPORATION agree to work together on creation of high-resolution maps for automated driving
Radar Road Signature enables reliably determining vehicle location via radar sensors
Tokyo Motor Show 2017: Bosch presents solutions for a mobility free from accidents, stress and emissions (Japanese only)
Bosch opens IT campus in Stuttgart-Feuerbach
Central hub for development of digital business models
New hybrid battery from Bosch – 48 volts is a recipe for success
Plantect, smart agriculture solutions by Bosch receives 2017 Good Design Award
Device to be exhibited at 7th Agri World convention
"Bosch eBike Systems"
Selected for Latest 2018 Models from Several Major Brands
Bosch introduces innovation to sophisticated designs

Sep. 2017

A world-first: The powertrain for the electric long-haul truck
Nikola Motor Company and Bosch develop the commercial vehicle powertrain of the future
Announcement regarding discontinuation of diagnostics equipment for vehicle undercarriages (Japanese only)
Research collaboration between Bosch and Bayer turns farms digital
Smart farming: sustainably clearing fields of weeds
Bosch is developing the mobility of tomorrow – and is already delivering solutions today
IAA 2017: New conceptions for mobility – Bosch business benefits from transformation of mobility
Two billion euros in sales with automated driving
Bosch at the IAA 2017
Solutions to make tomorrow’s mobility free of accidents, stress, and emissions
Cars as easy to update as a smartphone
Bosch is securely updating cars over the air

Aug. 2017

The "start-up" powertrain for electric cars: the Bosch e-axle offers greater range
Second anniversary of the Bosch Group's "café 1886 at Bosch"
New original gourmet sandwiches created by chef Toru Wachi of the popular French restaurant Mardi Gras in Ginza
Emergency braking in two blinks of an eye
Bosch launches new driver assistance systems for more safety in the urban jungle
No more lost keys
Bosch's Perfectly Keyless turns the smartphone into a car key
The Bosch innovations on show at the IAA 2017
Solutions to make tomorrow's mobility free of accidents, stress, and emissions
Carbon-neutral cars: synthetic fuels turn CO2 into a raw material
Bosch study highlights considerable potential for reducing CO2 emissions
Bosch, Geo++, Mitsubishi Electric and u-blox to establish joint venture Sapcorda Services
High precision GNSS positioning services to mass market applications
Premium Electric Power Assisted Bicycle Unit
"Bosch eBike Systems"
To Enter Japanese Market in 2017
First exhibition in Japan at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017

Jul. 2017

Bosch and Daimler demonstrate driverless parking in real-life conditions
World premiere in parking garage of the Mercedes-Benz Museum
Customized vehicle system development technology:
Bosch Engineering becomes development partner for GLM's next-generation production EV GLM G4
Urban Mobility: Bosch Mobility Experience 2017

Jun. 2017

Bosch demonstrates its life-saving technologies for motorcycles at Pathumthani Speedway
Key technology for the internet of things: Bosch to set up new semiconductor fab in Dresden, Germany
Billion-euro investment in 12-inch technology
Annual press conference 2017 in Tokyo
A world first: Bosch creates a map that uses radar signals for automated driving
Successful collaboration with TomTom
Announcement regarding price revisions for automotive lead batteries (Japanese only)
New Bosch diagnostics equipment: next generation general purpose diagnostics equipment KTS 560/590, smoke leak tester SMT 300, and new information type EBR addon for ESI[tronic]2.0 (Japanese only)

May 2017

Experience the excitement of working globally in Japan and overseas
Bosch Japan opens applications for "Global Internship," an overseas internship program
Eyes for automated driving cars: Bosch works with partner on new camera technology
Cooperation with Sony Semiconductor Solutions agreed
Bosch at the 35th Auto Service Show 2017
"Bosch's image of the automotive service station of the future"
Exhibition overview (Booth 434) (Japanese only)
Digital protective shield: when motorcycles and cars talk to each other
New Bosch technology could prevent nearly one-third of all motorcycle accidents
Automotive Engineering Exposition 2017
Bosch showcases innovative solutions for connected mobility
With these components, Bosch is automating driving
Automated mobility
Bosch and Shibuya City conclude "Shibuya Social Action Partner Agreement"
Support to promote diversity including internationalization
Annual press conference 2017
With its partner CRCI, ZMJ plans to acquire Robert Bosch Starter Motors Generators Holding GmbH

Apr. 2017

Bosch launches its automated driving initiative in China
Collaboration agreements with AutoNavi, Baidu, and NavInfo for high-precision maps
In an emergency, many cars can already brake themselves
Bosch evaluation of driver assistance systems
Bosch is turning robots into colleagues
Workplace 4.0 adjusts to the employee
Bosch and Daimler are working together on fully automated, driverless system
Bosch Corporation: Changes of President and Directors

Mar. 2017

Bosch ConnectedWorld 2017
Artificial intelligence: Bosch teaches cars how to learn and take appropriate action
Cars: assistants on wheels
Bosch software platform enables a host of custom services
Bosch Security Systems drives forward its video security business together with Sony

Feb. 2017

Mobile World Congress 2017: New Bosch microscanner BML050 for interactive laser projection
Transforming any surface into a virtual user interface
Mobile World Congress 2017: Bosch shows smart IoT solutions in Barcelona
Connectivity is turning the car into a third living space, Bosch’s sensor technology enables connectivity beyond mobility
Robert Bosch Venture Capital invests in TetraVue
Innovative leader in advanced 3D LIDAR technology
Bosch and IBM start collaboration for Industrial IoT
Bosch: shaping the transformation of the powertrain
New division pools expertise
Bosch Japan and NTT DATA Enterprise Application Services Sign Partnership Agreement
Joint Marketing of IoT Solutions to Japanese Manufacturing Clients

Jan. 2017

Business year 2016: connectivity keeps Bosch on growth course
Artificial intelligence rounds off IoT expertise
Preliminary Bosch figures for 2016
Connectivity keeps Bosch on growth course
Artificial intelligence rounds off IoT expertise
CES® 2017: The Internet of Things is getting personal – Bosch focuses on intelligent assistants
Connectivity is reaching the next phase of development
I(o)T is getting personal – Turning things into partners
Bosch launches smallest high performance barometric pressure sensor at CES 2017
Superior altitude tracking for consumer devices
2017: Bosch is showing what can and will be done with the Internet of Things
The "Connected World" content hub makes users of connected products and services a central focus


Dec. 2016

Bosch study shows: more safety, more efficiency, more free time with connected mobility
"Connected Car Effect 2025"
CES® 2017: Bosch is showing these smart solutions in Las Vegas
Connectivity makes everyday life easier and is turning things into partners
CES 2017: Bosch will be presenting what a smart home can do today
Survey on the preferences for smart homes
CES® 2017 Innovation Awards: Bosch honored with four distinctions for three smart solutions
From water heater to motorcycles: Bosch drives connectivity in all domains
Bosch is working with international research partners to develop a new modular manufacturing system

Nov. 2016

Bosch motorcycle systems honoured with Safety Technology Award by ASEAN NCAP
The pioneer in vehicle safety technologies introduces life-saving features for motor-cycles
Bosch at CES 2017
Strong in the U.S.: Bosch increases capital expenditure – 400 million euros for the current year
Innovation driver U.S. offers a promising market
Bosch Security Systems and Sony establish partnership for their video security business
Smart City Expo World Congress 2016, Barcelona
Bosch presents intelligently connected solutions for enhanced convenience, security, and energy efficiency in cities
Anniversary: 130 years of Bosch – a success story
From workshop to global player
Bosch motorcycle systems honored with three CES 2017 Innovation Awards
Bosch gets the motorcycle connected
Bosch and e.GO Mobile sign Collaboration Agreement for e-Mobility Services
EICMA International Motorcycle Show 2016, Milan, Italy
Bosch motorcycle ABS provides safer riding for two-wheelers
The new motorcycle ABS 10 is specifically developed for the use in ASEAN markets including Indonesia

Sep. 2016

Bosch Accelerates System Development with focus on Automated Driving Systems in Japan
New test vehicle added to Bosch's automated driving fleet
66th IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016, Hannover/Germany
Industry 4.0: Bosch and SAP combine expertise
Collaboration in software and cloud technologies
Bosch and SAP connect forklifts and goods
Improved efficiency thanks to sensors and software
Bosch initiates new machine language for Industry 4.0
Large and medium-sized companies will benefit
Your Mercedes-Benz as a parking spot locator
Bosch and Daimler simplify search for parking spaces

Aug. 2016

New "Toplock Snow Wiper" with a new standardized wiper adapter
Compatible with a range of vehicles such as Toyota "Prius", "Alphard", "Sienta" and Daihatsu "Move" (Japanese only)
Water instead of gasoline: Bosch innovation reduces fuel consumption by up to 13 percent
Bosch opens first Service Center in Japan
Introduction of mobility services to the Japanese market
The Bosch innovations on show at the IAA 2016
Tomorrow's commercial vehicles are connected, automated, and electrified
Company's first shared mobility platform
Bosch launches eScooter sharing service under new Coup brand

Jul. 2016

Research project on Industry 4.0
Machine monitoring with smart sensors
Objective is up to 30 percent reduction in operating costs
Career opportunities in the connected world
Bosch: Industry 4.0 calls for Occupational Training 4.0
1,550 apprenticeships offered for 2017
Bosch Forms an Alliance Against Cancer

Jun. 2016

BMX160 MEMS sensor
Bosch Sensortec launches the world's smallest 9-axis motion sensor
Compact and low power design for smartphones, smart watches and other wearables
Annual press conference 2016 in Tokyo

May 2016

RoMulus research project:
Intelligent sensor systems for Industry 4.0
Reducing development and manufacturing costs
Bosch Participates in Automotive Engineering Exposition 2016 Yokohama
Bosch showcases powertrain systems and solutions for electrified, automated, and connected mobility that will shape the future of mobility
Intelligent charging for electric cars
Bosch app makes finding charge spots and billing easier
Combating youth unemployment
Bosch continues southern Europe apprenticeship initiative
Additional projects in Italy and Spain
Developing engineers to lead development on a worldwide scale
Bosch Japan opens applications for an overseas internship program
New compact, high power, and easy to use high pressure washer AQT 33-11 (Japanese only)
Bosch takes a car to an internet congress
re:publica: Bosch turns the connected car into a personal assistant
Creative solutions from Lund:
Bosch opens innovation incubator in Sweden
Software expertise and start-up spirit

Apr. 2016

Annual press conference 2016
Hannover Messe 2016 - fully connected
Riding safety gains significance
India mandates ABS for two-wheelers from 2018
Legislation can influence other markets such as Thailand and Indonesia
The "Sukoyaka Health Insurance Project Award" of the National Federation of Health Insurance Societies
Bosch Receives Supreme Award for Health Initiatives Sawayaka Health Plan
Motorcycle technology business is booming
Bosch aims to achieve sales of one billion euros in motorcycle market
Driven by solutions for more efficiency and safety
Connected and automated parking - Taking the hassle out of parking

Mar. 2016

New Bosch brand identity
From innovation to fascination: more emotionality for the brand
Corporate design as an expression of digital transformation
Bosch ConnectedWorld IoT conference in Berlin
Bosch combines "Industrie 4.0" platform and Industrial Internet Consortium standards for the first time
International breakthrough for connected industry
Bosch ConnectedWorld IoT conference in Berlin
Bosch is using Industry 4.0 to increase its competitiveness
More than 100 projects worldwide
Bosch ConnectedWorld IoT conference in Berlin
The internet of things from a single source: Bosch launches cloud for its IoT services
Computing center located in Germany
Bosch ConnectedWorld IoT conference in Berlin
Connectivity helps drivers find parking, optimizes servicing work, and improves asparagus yields
Bosch IoT Suite is the basis for new applications
Connected solutions as a driver of job growth
Bosch to hire 14,000 university graduates
Career opportunities for graduates as well as people with professional experience

Feb. 2016

FC EXPO 2016
Mobility solutions for off-highway vehicles (Japanese only)
Navigation supporting the new NDS data standard
Bosch guides you through 3D landscapes with Navigation 3.0
From trainee to management board member
Bosch invests in 280 leadership personalities
New cordless multi driver/drill GSR18V-ECFC2
New generation of cordless driver/drill can be used for concrete too (Japanese only)
Attractive work environments for employees
Bosch Japan received first place in the Randstad Award 2016, Overseas Corporation Division
café 1886 at Bosch
Special program for Valentine's Day and White Day
Rich and luxurious parfait available for a limited time
Campaign in collaboration with the popular German brand of chocolate "RITTER SPORT" (Japanese only)
café 1886 at Bosch
New menu starting February 1st
Cocktails made with German liqueur and wine
Creamy soup that is a perfect match for the winter season (Japanese only)

Jan. 2016

Preliminary Bosch figures for 2015
Bosch sales surpass 70 billion euros for the first time
Innovation and connectivity driving growth
"I feel it in my toes"
The Bosch active gas pedal: gentle vibration can lighten pressure on the gas pedal and warn of wrong-way drivers
Automated driving
Bosch now conducting tests on roads in Japan
New "Aerotwin" and "Twin" wiper blades
Renewed lineup of Bosch wiper blades for imported vehicles
New polymer coated rubber provides superior wiping efficiency, longer life, and quieter performance compared to previous wiper blades
Compatible with expanded range of vehicles
Invented for life:
Bosch solutions for a simply connected world
CES 2016 (January 6-9), Las Vegas
When cars help out in the kitchen: Bosch, "Simply.Connected." is the name of the game
Smart solutions that improve convenience and safety
CES 2016 (January 6-9), Las Vegas
Home, smart home:
Bosch is making dwellings clever
Intelligently connected devices help simplify life
CES 2016 (January 6-9), Las Vegas
Bosch makes cities smart
Connected mobility, energy, security, and infrastructure
CES 2016 (January 6-9), Las Vegas
Bosch APAS production assistant makes a fine barista
Powerful support for automated manufacturing
CES 2016 (January 6-9), Las Vegas
Bosch high-tech components for the internet of things
Tiny sensors, big impact
CES 2016 (January 6-9), Las Vegas
Bosch in North America: robust sales growth in 2015
Overview of activities in the region