Tokyo – Bosch Corporation (Shibuya, Tokyo), a member of the Bosch Group, a leading global supplier of technology and services and Shibuya City (Mayor: Ken Hasebe) concluded a "Shibuya Social Action Partner (S-SAP) Agreement," a comprehensive collaboration agreement aimed at resolving issues facing the local community through mutual cooperation, on May 8, 2017.
Udo Wolz, President and Representative Director of Bosch Corporation, commented that "Bosch Japan has 106 years of history and associates from 38 countries are working at Bosch Japan right now. Diversity is one of our strengths. We are happy to contribute to society by collaborating with Shibuya city as a good corporate citizen." Mayor Ken Hasebe commented "Based on Bosch founder's spirit of "Voluntary Social Service", Bosch Corporation has conducted many Social Contribution Activities. We feel encouraged about having Bosch as our trusted partner. We look forward to collaborate in working together to resolve local social issues through activities focused on the district of Shibuya city in accordance to this agreement. "

Under S-SAP agreement, Bosch and Shibuya city will cooperate on solving issues facing the local community in the following contents.
※The S-SAP agreement is promoted by Shibuya city since April 2016.

"Shibuya Social Action Partner (S-SAP) Agreement"
Shibuya City and Bosch will conclude this comprehensive agreement aiming to cooperate on solving issues facing the local community, agreeing on the basic items necessary to achieve this aim.

  1. Support for neighborhood creation and local community activation
  2. Support for cultural promotion activities
  3. Support related to children and child care
  4. Support related to natural disasters
  5. Support related to international exchange
  6. Support for awareness-raising activities for realizing a diverse society (diversity)
  7. Other support – collaboration in human resource development and training programs
As a first step, in order to support "Neighborhood Creation and Community Activation" as stated in 1) above, meetup events welcoming Shibuya related guests will be held with NPO greenz. Please join if you are working or interested in Shibuya.

Name of event: "green drinks Shibuya"
Place: café 1886 at Bosch (on the first floor of Bosch's headquarter
Time: open 19:00- , start 19:30-

May 18 (Thu)"The Future of Shibuya City"Shin Sawada (Shibuya City Deputy Mayor)
Yuhi Komiyama (Shibuya Tourism Ambassador/Hoff Dylan)
Takahiko Nomura (Future Sessions)
June 15 (Thu)"The Future of Neighborhood Creation in Shibuya"Yasuaki Sakyo (Shibuya University Network)
and more!
July 20 (Thu)"The Future of the Shibuya Economic Zone"Tateki Nishi (Shibuya Keizai Shimbun)
Takashi Ogura (Farmer in Shibuya)
Eiji Kaneda (BEAMS)
Sept. 21 (Thu)"The Future of Working in Shibuya"Takashi Yokoishi (TWDW)
Beyer David, Jun Shimoyamada (Bosch)
Detailed information is available here→
NPO greenz

Bosch Japan would like to contribute to the development of regional society in collaboration with Shibuya city, utilizing our strength of internationality and global business network.

Contact person for press inquiries:
Taeko Saeki