Bosch Corporation (headquarters: Shibuya, Tokyo) will support creativity and learning for children by providing the Shibuya Jinnan Neuvola Childrearing Support Center (hereinafter: co Shibuya) with reusable materials from manufacturing sites of the Bosch Group in Japan. co Shibuya is scheduled to open in August 2021. Children will use the donated materials for creative projects at the center's arts and craft studio.

co Shibuya is planned to serve as a new support center for local childrearing, and will include facilities such as an arts and craft studio, where children can deepen their creativity, a childrearing plaza, and a community café. The arts and craft studio will be located on the second floor of co Shibuya. Bosch supports the arts and craft studio's vision of helping children grow and play by using reusable materials for creative projects, and will provide reusable materials from its manufacturing sites such as aluminium square pipes and cushioning materials for use as art supplies. Bosch also prioritizes safety of the children and will donate reusable materials that are not harmful for children. To secure the safety of the children, the company may process materials before donating them when necessary.

"Climate neutrality is a pressing issue that must be addressed on a global level to achieve a sustainable society, and recycling and reducing excess materials are important parts of this. It is our immense pleasure to be able to support the arts and craft studio in their efforts to foster creativity in children while also teaching that is possible to transform unneeded waste into new and valuable materials," said Bosch Corporation's president and representative director, Klaus Meder.

In 2017, Bosch concluded the Shibuya Social Action Partner (S-SAP) Agreement with Shibuya Ward, as part of a public-private partnership to address local community issues. Since then, Bosch has engaged in a series of activities to contribute to local needs, such as using Bosch power tools to clean up graffiti and holding events that feature guests with special ties to Shibuya. As a company located in Shibuya, Bosch's support for the arts and craft studio reflects a shared belief in their vision.

The Bosch Group aims to contribute to improve people's quality of life and safeguard the livelihoods of present and future generations, by acting in an economically, environmentally and socially responsible manner. Climate neutrality is one step in these efforts, and as of 2020 the Bosch Group has achieved climate neutrality for over 400 of its locations worldwide. By 2030, it also aims to reduce carbon emissions by 15 percent from their 2018 level along its entire supply chain (Scope 3), from suppliers to customers. As a matter of corporate social responsibility, Bosch also focuses on the education of children and young people who represent the next generation.

[co Shibuya ]
Location: 5-6 Udagawacho, Shibuya, Tokyo
Opening hours: 9:00-17:00 (Closed: Tuesday afternoons, Saturdays, holidays)
Facility functions: Child-raising consultation, childrearing plaza, playground, arts and craft studio, temporary child care, café etc.
Operated by: Machino Research Institute, Inc.
Operational support: Natural Smile Japan, Inc.
Partner: Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd.

Contact for press enquiries:
Kiyohiko Sumiya
Aiko Furuichi