Tokyo — Bosch Corporation has donated 29 power tools, including high pressure washers and cordless disk grinders, to help solve the long-standing local issue of graffiti impairing the landscape in Shibuya Ward. The donated power tools will be loaned when the volunteer organization Clean&Art undertakes activities in Shibuya Ward. Clean&Art is working together with the government to solve the issue of landscape impairment due to graffiti around central Tokyo.

"Collective impact" — an inter-organizational initiative to resolve social issues
Bosch concluded a comprehensive Shibuya Social Action Partner Agreement (S-SAP Agreement) with Shibuya Ward in 2017, aimed at addressing issues in the local community through mutual cooperation. The S-SAP Agreement is based on the concept of "collective impact," in which organizations with different roles and industries cooperate to resolve local issues by contributing strengths to one another to enhance their value.

This time the activity will focus on the issue of graffiti in Shibuya, which has been increasing recently. If the graffiti is allowed to remain, the surrounding district is recognized as not being maintained, encouraging discarded cigarette butts and other litter, which gives rise to a vicious cycle that spoils the landscape. The idea of donating power tools originated from "Shibuya wo Tsunageru 30 Nin" ("30 People Connecting Shibuya", a project run by Future Sessions inc. and sponsored by Shibuya Ward). "Shibuya wo Tsunageru 30 Nin" is a town development project in which 30 members of companies, government, and NPOs in Shibuya Ward cooperate to propose and execute solutions for social issues in Shibuya Ward, this case graffiti.

Bosch associates also got involved in removing graffiti using power tools
On January 23, the donated power tools were used in a graffiti removal activity run by Clean&Art. At the activity, volunteer associates from Bosch and trainers from the Power Tools Division participated by giving guidance on safe use of the power tools. Participants who had never used power tools to remove graffiti before expressed their amazement at how efficiently the tools were able to remove the graffiti. Regarding this S-SAP agreement project, Shibuya Mayor Ken Hasebe noted, "Graffiti has been a longstanding problem in Shibuya, and it is illegal. Now, we have been greatly encouraged by the donation of power tools to Shibuya Ward, enabling us to lend them to people involved in the beautification project." Bosch Power Tools Division General Manager Shunsuke Takahashi said, "Bosch's Japanese subsidiary is headquartered in Shibuya Ward, and we feel glad to have been able to contribute to the community not only by donating power tools, but also by working together with various stakeholders including city employees and volunteer organizations. We hope to contribute again in the future according to the needs of the community."

"Shibuya Collective Impact – Solutions with Bosch Power Tools"

"Shibuya Collective Impact – Explanation of Bosch Power Tools"

Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra invited to a charity concert for "Shibuya Kodomo Table"
Under the S-SAP agreement between Shibuya Ward and Bosch, Bosch invited the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra from the hometown of its parent company Robert Bosch GmbH to play at a charity concert held in October 2018. Residents of Shibuya Ward were invited to the charity concert, where a call was made for donations for "Kodomo Table," a charity run by Shibuya Ward that provides meals and learning space for children. Visitors to the concert donated a total of 454,519 yen. On the day of the concert, an orchestra appreciation class was held for junior high school students of Shibuya Ward as well as a flute clinic by Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra lead solo flautist Walter Auer, who was brought along by the orchestra. Bosch aims to continue working with local government and volunteer organizations to contribute to solving issues as a corporate citizen engaged in business in Japan.

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