Automotive Aftermarket



Oct. 2018

Bosch holds a CDR stakeholder conference
Participants from major automotive manufacturers, insurance companies, judicial organizations, and research institutions
CDR/EDR contribute transparency and fairness to investigations of accidents involving automated driving (Japanese only)

Sep. 2018

What if the settings of vehicle sensors are incorrect?!
Calibration services are required for the increasing use of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)
Sales of Bosch ADAS aiming tools for general service stations to start on October 1st (Japanese only)


Aug. 2017

Announcement regarding discontinuation of diagnostics equipment for vehicle undercarriages (Japanese only)

Jun. 2017

Announcement regarding price revisions for automotive lead batteries (Japanese only)
New Bosch diagnostics equipment: next generation general purpose diagnostics equipment KTS 560/590, smoke leak tester SMT 300, and new information type EBR addon for ESI[tronic]2.0 (Japanese only)

May 2017

Bosch at the 35th Auto Service Show 2017
"Bosch's image of the automotive service station of the future"
Exhibition overview (Booth 434) (Japanese only)


Aug. 2016

New "Toplock Snow Wiper" with a new standardized wiper adapter
Compatible with a range of vehicles such as Toyota "Prius", "Alphard", "Sienta" and Daihatsu "Move" (Japanese only)

Jan. 2016

New "Aerotwin" and "Twin" wiper blades
Renewed lineup of Bosch wiper blades for imported vehicles
New polymer coated rubber provides superior wiping efficiency, longer life, and quieter performance compared to previous wiper blades
Compatible with expanded range of vehicles


Nov. 2015

Renewed lineup of Bosch "PS Battery" calcium batteries for domestic vehicles
Liquid plug type battery that incorporates well-established performance
Maintainability substantially improved as a maintenance-free battery (Japanese only)

Aug. 2015

Sixteen new models of Bosch "Direct Injection Coils" for domestic vehicles available from August 1st
Extended coverage for domestic vehicles including light motor vehicles from Mitsubishi, Daihatsu, Suzuki (Japanese only)

Jul. 2015

Expanded lineup of Bosch "Direct Injection Coils" for domestic vehicles
Extended coverage for domestic vehicles including light motor vehicles (Japanese only)

Apr. 2015

New Bosch battery chargers "Battery Charger C3" and "Battery Charger C7"
Lightweight, compact, and safe design battery chargers for various battery capacities and types (Japanese only)

Mar. 2015

New Bosch silicone wiper blades "SILIKOMPLETT" for domestic vehicles
"Smart water repellency" provides excellent balance of water repellency and wiping efficiency (Japanese only)


Oct. 2014

New Bosch cabin filter "Aeristo Premium" for domestic vehicles
With additional anti-virus and PM2.5 control (Japanese only)

Jun. 2014

New Bosch "Hightec Premium" batteries
Long life, maintenance free batteries also for domestic vehicles with idle reduction function and charge control vehicles (Japanese only)

May 2014

Announcement regarding price revisions for automotive batteries (Japanese only)


Dec. 2013

New lineup of Bosch "BLACK-AGM" batteries
Expanded compatibility for cars with genuine AGM batteries (Japanese only)

May 2013

Bosch "BLACK-AGM" battery
Auxiliary battery for Mercedes-Benz (Japanese only)

Feb. 2013

Bosch diagnostics equipment "general-purpose scanning tool cash-back campaign" period extended (Japanese only)

Jan. 2013

Bosch ACS 751 air conditioning service equipment for passenger cars and commercial vehicles (Japanese only)


Dec. 2012

Bosch FSA 500 vehicle system analyzer
Basic model with functions needed to analyze vehicle systems (Japanese only)

Nov. 2012

Bosch "PS Battery" for domestic cars features improved charge retention (Japanese only)
Bosch vehicle service center network "Bosch Car Service" achieves its 100th shop in Japan (Japanese only)
New Bosch "Cabin Filter Premium"
First air conditioner filter with anti-virus and allergen control for imported cars (Japanese only)

Oct. 2012

Bosch diagnostics equipment "general-purpose scanning tool cash-back campaign" (Japanese only)
New Bosch "Rally Hybrid" compact, lightweight and long lasting electronic horn with stable sound quality (Japanese only)

Jul. 2012

New Bosch "Plus (+) 90" halogen bulbs provide increased brightness and visibilty yet have lower heat generation (Japanese only)

Jun. 2012

Bosch releases long-life, totally maintenance-free "Hightec AGM Battery" for import cars, adding new model numbers (Japanese only)

May 2012

New Bosch long-life and maintenance-free auxiliary battery "Hightec HV" specially designed for domestic hybrid vehicles (Japanese only)

Feb. 2012

New Bosch standard specifications scan tools
New "ESI [tronic] 2.0" user interface for "GST Standard" & "GST Standard Plus" (Japanese only)
Expansion of vehicle system analyzers for hybrid vehicles
New electric drive systems high-voltage multi-tester "FSA 050" and digital multimeter "MMD 540H" (Japanese only)


Nov. 2011

Bosch launches "Bosch Car Service Campaign" (Japanese only)
New models of Bosch Silver Batteries for European cars
"Silver X for European Cars" (Japanese only)

Sep. 2011

First Bosch battery in Japan for trucks and commercial vehicles "PS Battery for commercial vehicle" (Japanese only)

Aug. 2011

Bosch Import Master Flat Wiper for imported cars selected as a winner in the Functional Accessories Category for the "24th Nikkan Jidosha Shimbun (Daily Automotive Newspaper) Car Parts & Accessories Awards 2011" (Japanese only)

Jul. 2011

Bosch airs radio ads
Ads promote automotive aftermarket products to car users each season (Japanese only)
Renewal of Bosch wiper blade lineup for imported cars
New Import Master fits a wide variety of left-hand or right-hand drive imported vehicles, thanks to the world's first variable adapter and symmetric spoiler (Japanese only)

Jun. 2011

Bosch exhibits at the 32nd Auto Service Show 2011 (Japanese only)

Mar. 2011

Bosch extends KTS 340 special price campaign and KTS 5 series set value campaign due to popular demand (Japanese only)


Dec. 2010

Bosch launches KTS340 special price campaign and
KTS5 series set value campaign

Sep. 2010

Bosch's "High Tech Silver Battery II" wins the 2010 Good Design Award

Jul. 2010

Renewal of the mobile site for Bosch automotive aftermarket products (Japanese only)

Jun. 2010

Bosch releases a new silicone wiper refill blade "Silicone Plus Refill" exclusively for Aerotwin Multi in response to requests from customers (Japanese only)

May 2010

Bosch renews its lineup of Silver batteries for Japanese cars
"Hightec Silver II" puts the priority on long life in response to requests from users (Japanese only)

Mar. 2010

Bosch "Aerotwin Multi" flat wiper blades support KONDO RACING's victory in round 1 of the 2010 AUTOBACS SUPER GT Series (Japanese only)
Only Wiper Blade to Be Awarded "Very Good" in Test
Bosch Aerotwin Clear Winner in ADAC Windshield Wiper Test


Nov. 2009

Get the Bosch! Silver Battery Winter Campaign (Japanese only)
New Bosch 3D wheel alignment tester "FWA4630" greatly reduces the measurement time (Japanese only)

Oct. 2009

Bosch "Aerotwin Multi" and "Platinum-Iridium Fusion" selected as winners in the "2009 Good Design Awards" (Japanese only)
Bosch begins sales of Webasto AG 's "Webasto Heater" for trucks that can be used even when engines are turned off instead of left idling during stops (Japanese only)

Sep. 2009

New Bosch compact diagnosis tester "KTS 340"
Handles everything from vehicle diagnosis to service and maintenance (Japanese only)

Jul. 2009

Bosch Hightec Silver Battery selected as a winner in the Functional Accessories Category for the "22nd Nikkan Jidosha Shimbun (Daily Automotive Newspaper) Car Parts & Accessories Awards 2009" (Japanese only)
High-precision PM & SOF measuring instrument "RTM215J Opacimeter" to be released: fully localized in Japanese for enhanced ease-of-use (Japanese only)

Jun. 2009

Get the Bosch! Silver Battery Summer Campaign  (Japanese only)

May 2009

Get the Bosch! Aerotwin 10th Anniversary Campaign (Japanese only)

Apr. 2009

10th anniversary of the pioneer of flat blade wipers
"Aerotwin" series
Three new "Aerotwin Multi" products (Japanese only)

Feb. 2009

Apologies for the discordance of "country of origin" labels of several Automotive Aftermarket products
Air Conditioner Filters:
Air conditioner filter "Aeristo" series extended with eight new products for Mitsubishi vehicles (Japanese only)
Air Filters:
Eight new air filters that offer clean and safe engines released for imported cars (Japanese only)
Oil Filters:
Twelve new oil filters with outstanding filtering function released for imported cars (Japanese only)

Jan. 2009

Tire changers and wheel balancers to support precise maintenance activities (Japanese only)


Dec. 2008

New Eternal Zero HID bulbs released in Japan (Japanese only)

Nov. 2008

New Hightec Silver battery for domestic cars in Japan (Japanese only)

Sep. 2008

Announcement regarding price revisions for BOSCH automotive products and parts (Japanese only)

Jun. 2008

New Aeristo air conditioner filter series for domestic cars in Japan (Japanese only)
New Mega Power Silver Lite battery for domestic cars in Japan (Japanese only)

Apr. 2008

Bosch acquires U.S. vehicle workshop equipment manufacturer Accu Industries Inc.
Specialist in tire service technology, wheel alignment, and brake lathes
Bosch acquires Chinese diagnostics equipment specialist Weicon


Nov. 2007

Bosch replacement parts program "Bosch eXchange" now available for domestic cars too (Japanese only)

Oct. 2007

New range of Bosch spark plugs! (Japanese only)
State-of-the-art testing technology
New compact system tester KTS200 by Bosch (Japanese only)

Sep. 2007

New advanced technology Snow Wiper Blades by Bosch (Japanese only)

Aug. 2007

New Bosch O2 (Lambda) Sensor Universal Type (Japanese only)

Jun. 2007

New versions of the popular Aerotwin Multi series
Product lineup now includes units for opposed-wiping type wipers (Japanese only)

Feb. 2007

Bosch announces sales of new Mega Power Ride batteries (Japanese only)


Oct. 2006

Bosch announces sales of new Aerotwin Multi windshield wipers (Japanese only)

Feb. 2006

Bosch announces sales of new high efficiency halogen bulb lineup (Japanese only)


Nov. 2005

Bosch announces sales of new horn lineup this autumn (Japanese only)

Jan. 2005

Bosch announces sales of new Euro Spark spark plugs for imported vehicles (Japanese only)


Nov. 2004

Bosch announces sales of new bulb series for imported vehicles (Japanese only)

Sep. 2004

New packages for the Bosch air conditioner filters and air filters for imported vehicles (Japanese only)

Mar. 2004

New package and additional items of the Bosch Aeristo air conditioner filter for Japanese domestic vehicles (Japanese only)


Dec. 2003

New product - Bosch "Air Majestic" Air Horn (Japanese only)