Tokyo — Bosch Corporation has launched a special movie of the "BOSCHLERS," a team of heroes who take on problems using Bosch products, on Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook. The movie aims to introduce innovative Bosch products to the general public in an appealing way. In the movie, Bosch products and technologies take on human form as righteous heroes confronting problems that disturb people’s lives. It will be played on digital signage in trains on the Tokyu Corporation ("Tokyu") railway lines from March 4 (Monday) to 11 (Monday) and on East Japan Railway Company ("JR') railway lines in the Tokyo metropolitan area from March 11 (Monday) to 18 (Monday).

The BOSCHLERS Official Website:
Twitter: @BoschJapan

Character and costume design by celebrated creators of popular works
The characters of The BOSCHLERS are designed by Se Jun Kim,*1 who has worked on the Mobile Suit Gundam series. In addition, the costumes are created by Naofumi Yonetsuka,*2 who has worked on costumes and special make-up effects for many TV commercials.

The movie story portrays problems confronting society and people as strange enemies that threaten the world. The BOSCHLERS confront these problems to protect people. For example, the BOSCHLERS use Bosch's automated driving technology and power tools to battle the risks found in road traffic and work sites.

Characters of the BOSCHLERS

Captain Autonomous
An essential character and leader of the BOSCHLERS, who are said to number several hundred thousand worldwide. A former national judo champion, Captain Autonomous is a nice guy who is physically strong and likes a straight fight. Usually he works as a key executive at an IT company, hiding his true form while being ready for anything. He has a special power to control mobility freely from a distance, and also has the defensive power to repel cyber-attacks. While wielding cutting-edge technologies, he is also very human, with a warm personality and a Spartan nature that makes him the ideal candidate to lead the world in a good direction.

Real name Ben Wagner
Height 186.52 cm
Weight 95.34 kg
Special abilities Able to acquire information from any remote location. Using the steering wheel in his hand, he can remotely control the tire-shaped drones attached to his shoulders to repeatedly attack the enemy, causing fatal damage.

Link: Captain Autonomous
Link: Bosch's automated driving technology

Rider Woman
Powerful and beautiful, she is the fierce leader of the female BOSCHLERS. She has the unique ability to upgrade the power of any object in the world, such as bicycles. Her cover is as a master's student at an electrical engineering university working part time as a courier. While researching physical objects and electronic mechanisms, she hones her riding technique daily. A sophisticated thinker with a penchant for logic and efficiency, she anticipates the enemy's attacks and defeats them quickly.

Real name Sayuri Kurokawa
Height 165.23 cm
Weight Confidential
Special abilities By accelerating her bicycle, she can transform it into an eBike to enter attack mode. With amazing endurance and speed, she races around freely to deliver her attacks.

Link: Rider Woman
Link: Bosch's eBike Systems

The Creator
An intellectual type supporting the BOSCHLERS with creative ideas. Despite losing his left hand in a first attack by an unspecified animal, he received restoration surgery from Dr. Bosch that gave him the special ability to change his left hand into weapons such as a drill. In his ordinary life, he works as an orchestra conductor, flying to countries all over the world where he keeps an eye on enemies. Changing his artificial hand into a weapon he is able to pulverize anything, giving him the strongest attacking force among the BOSCHLERS. In contrast, he is a super cool warrior who always maintains a calm poker face.

Real name William Wright
Height 180.76 cm
Weight 85 kg
Special abilities The conducting baton in his right hand can instantly detect data about the material and strength of an object. He can change his artificial left hand into various tools, such as a drill, depending on the situation in order to pulverize the enemy.

Link: The Creator
Link: Bosch's power tools

Played on major railway networks in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area
The BOSCHLERS special movie can be viewed on Bosch's official social media accounts, including Youtube. In addition to the official social media accounts, the movie will also be played on digital signage on major railway networks in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. From March 4 (Monday) to 11 (Monday) the movie will be played on the Tokyu railway lines (Toyoko Line, Denentoshi Line, Meguro Line, Oimachi Line). From March 11 (Monday) to 18 (Monday) the movie will be played on major JR railway lines (Yamanote Line, Chuo Line, Keihin Tohoku Line, Negishi Line, Keiyo Line, Saikyo Line, Yokohama Line, Nanbu Line, Joban Line local trains).

Production team
Production company: DIGITAL GARDIN Inc.
Supporting production company: nac Image Technology Inc.

Director: Shinichi Takamura
Director of DIGITAL GARDEN Inc. He started his career as a graphic designer, and later started working on movie production. After joining DIGITAL GARDEN Inc., he has been engaged in online and offline productions. After that, he created many original works such as VJ and music videos.

*1 Character design and concept: Se Jun Kim
A South Korean animator working in Japan. Animation director for Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. Chief mecha animator for Gundam Build Fighters. Director, animation director, and scriptwriter for Mobile Suit Gundam: Twilight AXIS. He is the first foreign animator who was appointed a director of Mobile Suite Gundam TV series.

*2 Character costume design: Naofumi Yonetsuka
A special make-up artist, mechanical creator, model maker, and costume designer from Aomori Prefecture. He encountered special make-up through his activities with a band as a student of sculpture at Tokyo Zokei University, and in 1993, he established Haunted Ltd. Subsequently, he became active in multiple fields beyond special make-up, such as character suit manufacturing, character costume design and manufacturing, and even making robots for amusement parks.

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phone: +81-3-5485-3393