Tokyo — Bosch Corporation is providing eCall (automatic emergency notification) devices for a pilot project by SBI Insurance Co., Ltd. and SB C&S Corp. (formerly: SoftBank Commerce & Service Corp.) aimed at providing on-board telematics services that started in February 2019. In the pilot project, SBI Insurance Co., Ltd. and SB C&S Corp. will examine various telematics services to support safe motoring for drivers based on driving behavior data collected by an eCall device developed by Bosch.

The environment for this pilot conducted by SB C&S Corp. uses Bosch's eCall device, "Telematics eCall Plug," and a platform service "IoT Core Connect" that connects services requiring IoT, provided by SoftBank Technology Corp.

Now mandatory in Europe, eCall saves around 2,500 lives every year
Bosch has been working to develop technologies that benefit people's lives under its corporate slogan "Invent for life." Recently, Bosch has been focusing on using the IoT to realize safe and comfortable mobility. One of the results of this is the emergency call service eCall, which automatically calls for help when an accident happens. In the European Union (EU), it has been mandatory for passenger cars newly registered from the end of March 2018 to be fitted with eCall. eCall is estimated to save around 2,500 lives every year in Europe. The "Telematics eCall Plug," incorporates a triaxial acceleration sensor and an algorithm to calculate the data detected by the sensor, enabling it to detect the impact of a collision as well as driving behavior such as braking, acceleration and deceleration, and steering operations. A dedicated smartphone app and the eCall device communicate to send collected data to a service provider via the app. This enables provision of mobility services such as telematics insurance based on eCall and the driver's driving behavior.

On-board telecommunications unit enables eCall to be fitted to new vehicles
Some automakers have already provided eCall for some years as part of their on-board navigation or infotainment systems. Bosch's connectivity control unit (CCU) is a telecommunications unit that performs telecommunication for connected services including eCall. If the air bags or the seatbelt pretensioner operate, this CCU records the impact and communicates within several seconds with emergency services or Bosch's call center. The CCU automatically sends GPS position as well as information on seatbelt use and the number of passengers, enabling emergency services to estimate the number of emergency response vehicles required in advance.

Bosch call centers operate 24 hours a day, all year round, in 16 languages
Bosch provides a wide range of eCall solutions in addition to eCall systems. Bosch's eCall system includes an inhouse call center that can receive notifications 24 hours a day, all year round. Depending on the language setting of the navigation system, eCall response staff can tell what language is used by the driver and communicate with them in that language. This ensures that communication problems do not occur, particularly in serious situations such as an accident. Bosch's eCall service is provided in over 50 countries and regions around the world, including Europe, Japan, Brazil and North America. The Bosch eCall service with multilingual support has already been adopted by many automakers, such as Daimler AG.

*All new passenger vehicles with model approvals on or after March 31, 2018, are fitted with eCall as standard equipment as part of the functions of onboard equipment such as navigation systems.

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