Tokyo, Japan – Bosch Corporation will offer its Global Internships program again from August 21, 2019, providing internship opportunities, at Bosch overseas subsidiaries, to university students in Japan. The program provides summer internships for science majors enrolled at Japanese universities, regardless of nationality. This will mark the fourth year for Bosch Global Internship. This year's Global Internship program includes automotive parts compatibility internships in Vietnam and IoT application development internships in India.

Students take part in IoT application development with associates in India
The Global Internship program was introduced in 2016, with the intention of nurturing globally competitive engineers for the increasingly globalized automotive industry. To date, internships have been offered in automotive parts compatibility and testing at Bosch locations in Thailand and India. In addition to Vietnam, this year's Global Internship program will offer IoT application development internships in India. India is home to Robert Bosch Engineering & Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "RBEI"), which is a software house of the Bosch group. RBEI employs approximately 19,000 people, and is the Bosch Group's largest software development location outside Germany. Under the guidance of RBEI associates, students participating in the Global Internship program will engage in programming related to cloud monitoring of the operational status of products, and carry out tests for specific IoT applications. These are important processes in software development, and will give Bosch interns the opportunity to experience IoT application development in an actual development workplace. Interns in Vietnam, meanwhile, will take part in actual development projects in areas such as engine software compatibility and transmission CAN signal analysis. A total of around 20 interns to India and Vietnam are planned in 2019, as described above, and Bosch has already begun to solicit applications.

Promotes mutual understanding between students and corporations
The Global Internship program was started with the objective of nurturing globally competitive engineers, and providing students with a more in-depth look at Bosch. Approximately 90% of students who participated in 2018 internships went on to apply to Bosch when graduating. One associate, who entered Bosch Corporation after participating in the Global Internship program, discussed the merits of the program. "From my experiences during the internship, I learned some things that were very important for cooperating with our associates at overseas locations. I always considered my English skills are not good enough, but I learned that when we don't understand each other during a meeting or conversation that it's very important to clear things up on the spot. I have now found a lot of measures for ensuring that communication with overseas offices goes smoothly. Thanks to my internship, I gained a new appreciation for how rewarding it can be to work toward a common goal with others whose language or point of view differs from your own, which is why I decided I wanted to go to work for Bosch, where I could work in a global environment," the associate said.

Bosch Seasonal Internship program receives excellence award in second Students' Choice Internship Awards-providing a wide range of internships at Bosch Japan
Bosch offers a variety of internship opportunities to students. In addition to the Global Internship program, Bosch also offers seasonal internships during summer breaks and other extended holidays, standard internships of 3 months or longer, and even hybrid internships that give students work experience in both Japan and Germany. Information on the various internships can be found at this link. The Bosch Seasonal Internship program received an excellence award in the second Students' Choice Internship Awards, held on May 13. Bosch's Global Internship program received the same award in the previous year, making this the second year in a row that Bosch has received the award. The Seasonal Internship program provides students with work experience that suits their own individual needs and schedules. Furthermore, to ensure each student receives an internship in line with their own area of interest, students are matched with departments on an individualized basis. The flexibility and its tailor-made program rated highly and was a key factor in Bosch receiving the award. Last year's seasonal internships focused on areas such as IoT application development for manufacturing departments and assessments of applicability to development of products for off-road vehicles.

Global Internship 2019 application details:
  • Open to: Students in Japan majoring in scientific fields (undergraduate, graduate)
  • Application period: May 7-June 11
  • Internship period: August 21-September 11, November 4 (final conference)
  • Internship location: Vietnam or India (Orientation planned for Yokohama Research and Development Center/Shibuya Headquarters)
  • Number of positions: Around 20
  • Example of internship programs: IoT application development, testing (India)
    Engine software compatibility (Vietnam)
    Transmission CAN signal analysis (Vietnam)
    Automated parking brake studies/testing (Vietnam)

Global Internship program details:

Contact persons for press inquiries:
Kiyohiko Sumiya
Yuka Matsumoto