Tokyo — Bosch Corporation has released Episode 2 of BOSCHLERS —a special movie series where a team of heroes use Bosch products to help solve problems affecting society—to their official YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. BOSCHLERS was created in 2019 to encourage audiences, especially younger viewers, to learn more about Bosch technologies. Episode 2 also features the Earth Enemies, a band of evil villains on a quest for world domination. The BOSCHLERS use original IoT technology to protect the planet from the Earth Enemies.

Bosch is actively recruiting young people and has released Episode 2 on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to coincide with the recruiting season in Japan. Bosch also plans to air the movie on digital signage in JR trains this autumn.

From left: Rider Woman, Captain Autonomous, The Creator

The BOSCHLERS are a team of three heroes personifying just some of the many areas in which Bosch operates: automotive, eBike and power tool technologies. Team members include Captain Autonomous, who freely commands the powers of mobility; Rider Woman, who is capable of supercharging objects; and The Creator, a demolition and creation specialist.

Episode 2 introduces the Earth Enemies, mysterious villains who represent societal problems addressed by Bosch, such as cyber threats and air pollution. In Episode 2, the BOSCHLERS fight the Earth Enemies using automotive IoT technology such as Road Signature and Perfectly Keyless.

With a corporate slogan of "Invented for Life", Bosch provides innovative solutions that serve mankind and society. In addition to mobility, Bosch aims to grow as a world-leading IoT company leveraging AI, and pursues innovative projects in a wide range of fields, including manufacturing, logistics, smart-homes and even agriculture. Bosch pioneers new business opportunities in digital services.

BOSCHLERS Official Release Channels
• The BOSCHLERS Official Website:
• YouTube:
• Facebook:
• Twitter: @BoschJapan

Bosch has also released a "making-of" Episode 2 movie and Episode 1.5 (an interview with the BOSCHLERS).
• Youtube (making-of movie):

• Youtube (Episode 1.5):

New Characters

Gigadence, a cyber-monster that attacks by emitting electromagnetic pulses

The ringleader of the Earth Enemies. Originally a resident of Earth, Gigadence once belonged to the anti-cyberterrorism squad of one of the world's leading nations. However, he turned away from his mission of protecting the world from hacking, seduced instead by the terror inflicted by such attacks... He wears a mask and cloak to hide his true identity and past. Through a real-time interface with the advanced equipment at Earth Enemies headquarters, Gigadence is able to absorb electromagnetic pulses into his body and release them as attacks. His only desire is to take over the world and plunge the people of Earth into fear. He is forever devising new predicaments for the BOSCHLERS, as his eyes glow with a wicked light.

Real name Unknown
Height 200.69 cm
Weight 102.47 kg
Special abilities Using a personal holographic interface, Gigadence is able to charge electromagnetic pulses that he releases in powerful bursts. Additionally, he is also able to attack from the air by commanding the Enemy Soldiers named Bad-Osens, which leave behind pollution in their wake.

The Bad-Osens who leave pollution in their wake

The Earth Enemies, whose aim is not to attack any specific person or organization but to take over Earth itself, understand that one of their most effective strategies is to spread pollution and cause ongoing damage. The Bad-Osens are uncanny, humanoid machines developed through detailed research by the Earth Enemies. They emit a full range of harmful pollutants, including CO2. While the amount of pollution that one Bad-Osen can produce is limited, the Earth Enemies' ability to create Bad-Osens is not. The Bad-Osens flock together and attack by the thousands, making them a dangerous enemy.

Real name Unknown
Height Differs depending on the unit and when they are created
Weight Differs depending on the unit and when they are created
Special abilities Bad-Osens automatically scan the surrounding environment, and release pollutants calculated to produce the most damage. Their bodies, themselves, are made of pollution.

Automotive IoT Technologies Appearing in Episode 2
• Road Signature
Road Signature is a vehicle localization technology to create highly precise 3D maps for automated driving by comparing two types of data set: first, information of stationary features detected by radar and video sensors mounted on an automated vehicle while driving and, secondly, information of stationary features in a previously generated localization layer (map elements based on location data of stationary features detected by series production vehicles). By comparing these two data sets in real time, the service can constantly determine the relative position of the vehicle on the highly precise 3D map. Since it uses radar as well as video sensors, the system is highly robust also at poor weather conditions. Bosch's expertise gained from in-house development of radar and video sensors and deep knowledge of their respective characteristics is an advantage in developing Road Signature. Another feature of the service is its dynamics in data. Under the Road Signature concept, data is obtained from series production vehicles and service provider fleets. This enables changes in road status such as lane changes due to constructions and traffic accidents to be recognized, and a localization layer that reflects the changes can be provided. For more details on Road Signature, see here.

• Perfectly Keyless
Perfectly Keyless is a solution that allows users to connect their vehicle with their smartphone to lock and unlock doors and start engines, without an actual key. Perfectly Keyless conveniently allows users to manage keys via smartphone, while also maintaining a level of security not achieved with previous keyless entry systems. The vehicle and smartphone communicate via Bluetooth to lock and unlock doors and start engines. Doors will only unlock and start engines if the radio signature of the smartphone's Bluetooth chip matches that of the one registered in the vehicle's app, preventing unauthorized access by blocking relay attacks from other electronic devices. Additionally, as no physical key is required, doors and engines can be operated while the user's smartphone is still in their pocket. Furthermore, as digital keys can be managed via the cloud, multiple users can share a vehicle via a dedicated app.
For more details on Perfectly Keyless, see here.


Production team
Production company: DIGITAL GARDEN Inc.
Supporting production company: nac Image Technology, Inc.

Character design/concept: Sejoon Kim
A South Korean animator working in Japan. Animation director for Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. Chief mecha animator for Gundam Build Fighters. Director, animation director, and scriptwriter for Mobile Suit Gundam: Twilight AXIS. Kim is the first non-Japanese animator to direct for the Gundam anime TV series.

Costume design: Naofumi Yonetsuka
A special make-up artist, mechanical creator, model maker, and costume designer from Aomori Prefecture. Yonetsuka encountered special effects make-up through his activities with a band while a student of sculpture at Tokyo Zokei University, and in 1993 he established Haunted Ltd. Subsequently, he became active in multiple fields beyond special effects makeup, such as character suit manufacturing, character costume design and creation, and even creating robots for amusement parks.

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Aiko Furuichi