Past Topics & Press Releases



Dec. 2016

Bosch study shows: more safety, more efficiency, more free time with connected mobility
"Connected Car Effect 2025"
CES® 2017: Bosch is showing these smart solutions in Las Vegas
Connectivity makes everyday life easier and is turning things into partners
CES 2017: Bosch will be presenting what a smart home can do today
Survey on the preferences for smart homes
CES® 2017 Innovation Awards: Bosch honored with four distinctions for three smart solutions
From water heater to motorcycles: Bosch drives connectivity in all domains
Bosch is working with international research partners to develop a new modular manufacturing system

Nov. 2016

Bosch motorcycle systems honoured with Safety Technology Award by ASEAN NCAP
The pioneer in vehicle safety technologies introduces life-saving features for motor-cycles
Bosch at CES 2017
Strong in the U.S.: Bosch increases capital expenditure – 400 million euros for the current year
Innovation driver U.S. offers a promising market
Bosch Security Systems and Sony establish partnership for their video security business
Smart City Expo World Congress 2016, Barcelona
Bosch presents intelligently connected solutions for enhanced convenience, security, and energy efficiency in cities
Anniversary: 130 years of Bosch – a success story
From workshop to global player
Bosch motorcycle systems honored with three CES 2017 Innovation Awards
Bosch gets the motorcycle connected
Bosch and e.GO Mobile sign Collaboration Agreement for e-Mobility Services
EICMA International Motorcycle Show 2016, Milan, Italy
Bosch motorcycle ABS provides safer riding for two-wheelers
The new motorcycle ABS 10 is specifically developed for the use in ASEAN markets including Indonesia

Sep. 2016

Bosch Accelerates System Development with focus on Automated Driving Systems in Japan
New test vehicle added to Bosch's automated driving fleet
66th IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016, Hannover/Germany
Industry 4.0: Bosch and SAP combine expertise
Collaboration in software and cloud technologies
Bosch and SAP connect forklifts and goods
Improved efficiency thanks to sensors and software
Bosch initiates new machine language for Industry 4.0
Large and medium-sized companies will benefit
Your Mercedes-Benz as a parking spot locator
Bosch and Daimler simplify search for parking spaces

Aug. 2016

New "Toplock Snow Wiper" with a new standardized wiper adapter
Compatible with a range of vehicles such as Toyota "Prius", "Alphard", "Sienta" and Daihatsu "Move" (Japanese only)
Water instead of gasoline: Bosch innovation reduces fuel consumption by up to 13 percent
Bosch opens first Service Center in Japan
Introduction of mobility services to the Japanese market
The Bosch innovations on show at the IAA 2016
Tomorrow's commercial vehicles are connected, automated, and electrified
Company's first shared mobility platform
Bosch launches eScooter sharing service under new Coup brand

Jul. 2016

Research project on Industry 4.0
Machine monitoring with smart sensors
Objective is up to 30 percent reduction in operating costs
Career opportunities in the connected world
Bosch: Industry 4.0 calls for Occupational Training 4.0
1,550 apprenticeships offered for 2017
Bosch Forms an Alliance Against Cancer

Jun. 2016

BMX160 MEMS sensor
Bosch Sensortec launches the world's smallest 9-axis motion sensor
Compact and low power design for smartphones, smart watches and other wearables
Annual press conference 2016 in Tokyo

May 2016

RoMulus research project:
Intelligent sensor systems for Industry 4.0
Reducing development and manufacturing costs
Bosch Participates in Automotive Engineering Exposition 2016 Yokohama
Bosch showcases powertrain systems and solutions for electrified, automated, and connected mobility that will shape the future of mobility
Intelligent charging for electric cars
Bosch app makes finding charge spots and billing easier
Combating youth unemployment
Bosch continues southern Europe apprenticeship initiative
Additional projects in Italy and Spain
Developing engineers to lead development on a worldwide scale
Bosch Japan opens applications for an overseas internship program
New compact, high power, and easy to use high pressure washer AQT 33-11 (Japanese only)
Bosch takes a car to an internet congress
re:publica: Bosch turns the connected car into a personal assistant
Creative solutions from Lund:
Bosch opens innovation incubator in Sweden
Software expertise and start-up spirit

Apr. 2016

Annual press conference 2016
Hannover Messe 2016 - fully connected
Riding safety gains significance
India mandates ABS for two-wheelers from 2018
Legislation can influence other markets such as Thailand and Indonesia
The "Sukoyaka Health Insurance Project Award" of the National Federation of Health Insurance Societies
Bosch Receives Supreme Award for Health Initiatives Sawayaka Health Plan
Motorcycle technology business is booming
Bosch aims to achieve sales of one billion euros in motorcycle market
Driven by solutions for more efficiency and safety
Connected and automated parking - Taking the hassle out of parking

Mar. 2016

New Bosch brand identity
From innovation to fascination: more emotionality for the brand
Corporate design as an expression of digital transformation
Bosch ConnectedWorld IoT conference in Berlin
Bosch combines "Industrie 4.0" platform and Industrial Internet Consortium standards for the first time
International breakthrough for connected industry
Bosch ConnectedWorld IoT conference in Berlin
Bosch is using Industry 4.0 to increase its competitiveness
More than 100 projects worldwide
Bosch ConnectedWorld IoT conference in Berlin
The internet of things from a single source: Bosch launches cloud for its IoT services
Computing center located in Germany
Bosch ConnectedWorld IoT conference in Berlin
Connectivity helps drivers find parking, optimizes servicing work, and improves asparagus yields
Bosch IoT Suite is the basis for new applications
Connected solutions as a driver of job growth
Bosch to hire 14,000 university graduates
Career opportunities for graduates as well as people with professional experience

Feb. 2016

FC EXPO 2016
Mobility solutions for off-highway vehicles (Japanese only)
Navigation supporting the new NDS data standard
Bosch guides you through 3D landscapes with Navigation 3.0
From trainee to management board member
Bosch invests in 280 leadership personalities
New cordless multi driver/drill GSR18V-ECFC2
New generation of cordless driver/drill can be used for concrete too (Japanese only)
Attractive work environments for employees
Bosch Japan received first place in the Randstad Award 2016, Overseas Corporation Division
café 1886 at Bosch
Special program for Valentine's Day and White Day
Rich and luxurious parfait available for a limited time
Campaign in collaboration with the popular German brand of chocolate "RITTER SPORT" (Japanese only)
café 1886 at Bosch
New menu starting February 1st
Cocktails made with German liqueur and wine
Creamy soup that is a perfect match for the winter season (Japanese only)

Jan. 2016

Preliminary Bosch figures for 2015
Bosch sales surpass 70 billion euros for the first time
Innovation and connectivity driving growth
"I feel it in my toes"
The Bosch active gas pedal: gentle vibration can lighten pressure on the gas pedal and warn of wrong-way drivers
Automated driving
Bosch now conducting tests on roads in Japan
New "Aerotwin" and "Twin" wiper blades
Renewed lineup of Bosch wiper blades for imported vehicles
New polymer coated rubber provides superior wiping efficiency, longer life, and quieter performance compared to previous wiper blades
Compatible with expanded range of vehicles
Invented for life:
Bosch solutions for a simply connected world
CES 2016 (January 6-9), Las Vegas
When cars help out in the kitchen: Bosch, "Simply.Connected." is the name of the game
Smart solutions that improve convenience and safety
CES 2016 (January 6-9), Las Vegas
Home, smart home:
Bosch is making dwellings clever
Intelligently connected devices help simplify life
CES 2016 (January 6-9), Las Vegas
Bosch makes cities smart
Connected mobility, energy, security, and infrastructure
CES 2016 (January 6-9), Las Vegas
Bosch APAS production assistant makes a fine barista
Powerful support for automated manufacturing
CES 2016 (January 6-9), Las Vegas
Bosch high-tech components for the internet of things
Tiny sensors, big impact
CES 2016 (January 6-9), Las Vegas
Bosch in North America: robust sales growth in 2015
Overview of activities in the region


Dec. 2015

CES 2016 (January 6 to 9), Las Vegas
Bosch is turning connected cars into personal assistants
Preview of the user interfaces of tomorrow
CES 2016 (January 6 to 9), Las Vegas
"Simply.Connected." – Smart Bosch solutions at CES 2016
Overview of the Bosch exhibit: Sands Expo / North Hall
Pilot project in Stuttgart
Free park and ride spaces are just a click away
Bosch Japan: Earthquake relief effort
Saint Nikolaus is coming to town for the fifth time
Visiting 3 day-care centers in Higashimatsushima City, Miyagi Prefecture
Cars are becoming an active part of the internet
Bosch hardware, software, and service solutions for the connected car
Connectivity is the key to electrified and automated driving
Flexible Bosch solution for smartphone integration
mySPIN offers almost 50 compatible apps worldwide
Cooperation with the IT company Tencent in China
UN climate conference in Paris
Bosch reduces energy consumption
CO2 emissions already cut by 20 percent

Nov. 2015

Bosch at the CES 2016, Las Vegas
Stop the Crash: Bosch partners Global NCAP initiative
Vehicle safety systems still underutilized
UN target: 50 percent fewer traffic fatalities by 2020
EICMA International Motorcycle Show 2015, Milan, Italy
Countdown to Christmas
Steiff plush toys come to the café 1886 at Bosch!
Christmas tree and cute plush toy animals await
Display makes images tactilely perceptible
Bosch recipient of the CES 2016 Innovation Award in the "In-Vehicle Audio/Video" category
The 4th Mass-Trans Innovation Japan 2015
Automotive sensor technology applies to Railways
Infotainment from Bosch:
Connectivity at its best in Suzuki vehicles
Safe and easy touch-screen operation
Renewed lineup of Bosch "PS Battery" calcium batteries for domestic vehicles
Liquid plug type battery that incorporates well-established performance
Maintainability substantially improved as a maintenance-free battery (Japanese only)
New series of compact and high power 10.8 volt lithium-ion cordless DIY power tools (Japanese only)

Oct. 2015

The 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Mobility solutions from Bosch: electrified, automated, and connected
44th Tokyo Motor Show
Bosch sees potential for 48-volt systems and brings automated driving to Japan
Solutions for electric, automated, and connected mobility
44th Tokyo Motor Show
Future of mobility: Bosch making significant progress in electrification, automation, and connectivity

Enabling an even more flexible work culture
Bosch Japan launches home office system for general staff
New home office system to enhance systems for child-care and nursing care, and illness or injury
Inauguration of the Renningen research campus

Sep. 2015

International Motor Show (IAA) 2015

66th IAA Passenger Cars 2015, Frankfurt/Main

Bosch has groundbreaking battery technology for electric vehicles
Combustion engines, hybrids, all-electric vehicles
Bosch presents the powertrains of the future
Boost recuperation system
The hybrid for everyone: Bosch's 48-volt system makes sense even in compact vehicles
First generation to be production-ready by 2017, new second-generation prototype to also help drivers park
Full model change of the best selling IXO cordless screwdriver (Japanese only)

Aug. 2015

A Unique Blend of Discerning Creative Elements. Found Nowhere Else. Café Serving Original Coffee and Gourmet Sandwiches "café 1886 at Bosch" to Open September 10 in Shibuya!
Experiencing the Bosch brand
International company Bosch to open café at Japan headquarters in Shibuya
First café hosted by the Bosch Group worldwide located in Japan
Project launch
Bosch joins Ko-HAF research initiative
Focus on highly automated driving
14th Bosch Global Supplier Award
Bosch honors top suppliers
More options thanks to connected supply chains
Expanding and improving the service portfolio
Bosch plans Global Service Solutions division
Enhancing process quality and efficiency
Future of mobility
Bosch and TomTom partner on innovative mapping technology for automated driving
Sixteen new models of Bosch "Direct Injection Coils" for domestic vehicles available from August 1st
Extended coverage for domestic vehicles including light motor vehicles from Mitsubishi, Daihatsu, Suzuki (Japanese only)

Jul. 2015

India: partner country of Hannover Messe 2015
Bosch expects positive development in India
Opportunities with solutions for connected production
Automated driving
Future technologies driving current Bosch growth
Bosch heads up research project
More computing power for automated driving
New hardware for faster computer systems in cars
Expanded lineup of Bosch "Direct Injection Coils" for domestic vehicles
Extended coverage for domestic vehicles including light motor vehicles (Japanese only)

Jun. 2015

Interphex Japan 2015
Bosch introduces new high-speed tablet inspection machine KTM 0800
Designed for higher output and inspection accuracy
Annual press conference 2015 in Tokyo
Bosch registers strong growth in Japan
Worldwide sales to Japanese auto makers grew by 13 percent
Bosch and Daimler automate parking: Mercedes with built in valet
Stereo video camera goes into series production
Bosch makes emergency braking possible using just a video sensor
Standard feature in the Land Rover Discovery Sport
Bosch at 24 Hours of Le Mans
24 teams relying on Bosch technology

May 2015

62nd Bosch International Automotive Press Briefing
Mobility Solutions sector continues strong growth
Sales up 13 percent in the first quarter of 2015
New test vehicles for automated driving
Electric-car twins join the Bosch fleet
Expertise in innovative drive technology
An electrifying combination: hybrid technology from Porsche and Bosch
Bosch transmission control units
Transmission basics
How a dual-clutch automatic functions and how much processing power is necessary for modern transmission control

Apr. 2015

Annual press conference 2015
Good start to the current year - Bosch improves sales in all business sectors
Economic and technological strength for the business of the future
Electromobility at Bosch
Facts about battery technology for hybrid and electric powertrains
How range is increasing, why a battery has more than one lifetime, and how automated driving could change battery technology
Ever more rear-end collisions in Germany
Bosch ACC automatically maintains the right distance
Examples of connected industry
Industry 4.0 in practice at Bosch
Multiple ways to enhance competitiveness
Wide-ranging portfolio at Hannover Messe 2015
Bosch driving Industry 4.0 forward with innovative products
Sensors, software, and services for connected industrial production
New Bosch battery chargers "Battery Charger C3" and "Battery Charger C7"
Lightweight, compact, and safe design battery chargers for various battery capacities and types (Japanese only)
Key technology for the connected world
Five billion Bosch MEMS sensors
Manufacturing milestone in Reutlingen

Mar. 2015

New business unit: Two-Wheeler and Powersports
Bosch strengthens its presence in motorcycle markets around the world
Broad product portfolio for all classes
"Networked production will become the new normal"
Bosch pools Industry 4.0 expertise in the "Connected Industry" innovation cluster
Customers benefit from innovative solutions
Connected industry as an opportunity for Germany
Bosch CEO Denner: Industry 4.0 offers major opportunities for Germany
IXO cordless screwdriver is even more fun to use with the newly expanded "IXO Collection" of attachments! (Japanese only)
New Bosch silicone wiper blades "SILIKOMPLETT" for domestic vehicles
"Smart water repellency" provides excellent balance of water repellency and wiping efficiency (Japanese only)

Feb. 2015

Innovations cut down on CO2 emissions
Responding to climate change with energy efficiency
Vehicle coasting and electricity from waste heat
Strengthening Mobility Solutions business sector
Bosch completes acquisition of ZF Lenksysteme
Antitrust authorities approve
Preliminary figures for 2014
Fast pace of growth:
Bosch Group increases sales and margin
Global success thanks to innovations

Jan. 2015

Changes on the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH
Automated driving
Bosch makes Hollywood fiction a reality
K.I.T.T. replica co-stars at the CES in Las Vegas
Bosch: Advancing connected, convenient, sustainable and secure living
Featured products highlight smart home, smart mobility and smart devices at 2015 International CES
Household appliances:
Bosch completes acquisition of Siemens's share in BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH
Antitrust authorities give green light
BME680 proves technology leadership
Bosch Sensortec launches combo MEMS solution with integrated gas sensor
World's first environmental sensor combining pressure, humidity, temperature and indoor air quality
Bosch: Connected Living Is Just a 'Click' Away With a focus on Sensors, Software and Services, Bosch innovates a sustainable, connected future
Bosch Corporation:
Changes of President and Directors


Dec. 2014

International CES 2015 in Las Vegas (January 6-9)
Bosch shows smart solutions for a connected world
Designed for a convenient, efficient, and secure life
Entering a growth market
Bosch engine management makes two-wheelers more efficient and starts motorcycle connectivity
Rapid growth
Facts about the global motorcycle market
Asia in particular offers huge potential for Bosch's efficient engine management system for two-wheelers
Electronic engine management systems
New Bosch powertrain systems for motorcycles
Digital intelligence now also in the commuter segment, first step toward app-based connected two-wheelers
Open software platform for the smart home
ABB, Bosch, and Cisco to Establish Joint Venture
Partner ecosystem planned with appliance manufacturers
Competition for software developers
Bosch organizes hackathon in Berlin
New approach to software development and customer orientation
Supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Silicon sheets harvest electricity from ocean waves
EPoSil consortium presents first demonstrator model
Added functions and more driving enjoyment
Electric all-wheel drive and torque vectoring: new driving functions for hybrid and electric cars
Automotive technology milestones:
Bosch TravelPilot production began 25 years ago
First series production navigation system in Europe
Supporting young talent on the race track
Bosch backing for 35 Formula Student Germany race teams
Bosch Japan: Earthquake relief effort
Saint Nikolaus is coming to town for the fourth time
Visiting 3 day-care centers in Higashimatsushima City, Miyagi Prefecture
Bosch's technological leap:
Display-based instrument cluster
Progressive new concept

Nov. 2014

Dual education system in Asia
German Minister visits new Bosch training center in Vietnam
Chancellor Merkel convenes specialist conference
Bosch Chief Personnel Officer Kübel: "Germany needs more women bosses"
Mixed leadership teams boost competitiveness

IAA 2014

IAA 2014: Release List

Bosch evaluation of driver assistance systems
Nearly one in four new cars recognize driver drowsiness
Innovation dialogue involving politics, industry, and academia
Federal government asks Bosch CEO to join steering committee
Denner: "Germany can lead the world in connectivity"
2014 EFQM Forum in Brussels
Bosch Group receives EFQM Excellence Award 2014
Bari location named this year's overall winner
Customizing exhaust-gas treatment
Bosch Emission Systems: market for clean truck and construction machinery powertrains booming
Taking stock: the fifteenth anniversary of a successful concept
Bosch retirees contribute 50,000 days of work each year

Oct. 2014

World-record-holding dryer and fuel cells
Bosch technology for energy efficiency
Fuel economy thanks to predictive navigation
HotPowCon research project successfully concluded
Better power electronics for electric vehicles
Developing packaging and interconnection technology for high operating temperatures
ABS and MSC protect against accidents
Bosch safety technology for motorcyclists
Offers the best possible brake and acceleration support – now also in bends
New smartphone app from Bosch:
myDriveAssist reads traffic signs
Info on speed limits and no-passing zones
Application process begins for training year 2015
Bosch seeks more than 1,300 apprentices in Germany
New Bosch Center for Research and Advance Engineering
Associates begin moving to new research campus
Building project to be completed by early summer 2015
Taking flexible working culture further
Bosch simplifies telecommuting, private phone calls, and internet use at the workplace
Focus on results, not physical presence
Eco.Logic Motion optimizes transmission control
Bosch reduces fuel consumption of coaches
Topographical data for environmentally friendly driving
The IoT helps factories of the future
Machines, organize yourselves!
Industry 4.0: flexible factories and production
Expansion of our global presence
Bosch to extend Turkish location in Bursa
300 million euros between 2013 and 2015
Bosch technology is increasing safety in cities
Forward collision warning system for light rail vehicles
Radar and video sensors on board
Highlighting the benefits of diversity
Bosch invites 280,000 associates to take part in day of action
Powerful, and perfect for limited installation space
The new Bosch HEF109-L starter motor for commercial vehicles
Extended power range for exceptionally large engines
Facts about waterborne transport
Non-polluting cruises with natural gas and diesel, economical yachts with common-rail high-pressure fuel injection, a global service network
Bosch Japan Motor Sports Campaign
Let's Go to the Bosch Homeland of Germany for the DTM Race Spectator Tour!
Winners provide on-site reports from Germany (Japanese only)
Bosch to acquire Siemens's stake in BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH
Presentation by Dr. Volkmar Denner, Chairman of the Board of Management of Robert Bosch GmbH at the teleconference on September 22, 2014
Bosch in South America:
60 years of success in Brazil
Innovative solutions for safety, security, and mobility
High-level experts in public-private partnership
ARENA2036 - A research institute for the future of cars
Active Research Environment for the Next Generation of Automobiles
See important driving information at a glance
Combiner head-up display from Bosch
Information directly in the driver's field of vision
Bosch Group in Japan's Earthquake Relief Activities
"October Concert in Higashimatsushima" by the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra
An Autumn Encounter with the Rich Music of Germany
Innovation Award 2014 for Bosch
Award for MSC motorcycle stability control
IAA 2014
Bosch commercial-vehicles business grows by more than 10 percent
New Bosch cabin filter "Aeristo Premium" for domestic vehicles
With additional anti-virus and PM2.5 control (Japanese only)

Sep. 2014

The focus is on sustainability of the workshop
Bosch presents a host of innovations at Automechanika 2014
Automechanika 2014
Bosch: pushing connectivity forward in workshops
Driver mobility in focus
Connected Workshop - the Bosch vision
The workshop of the future is connected
Additional information and work instructions are tied with reality
Bosch supports workshops with Augmented Reality in maintaining and repairing vehicles in the future
New Bosch Telematics Solutions for Fleets
Connected Fleet Management Reduces the Costs for Vehicle Fleets and Increases Transparency
Broad portfolio of products and brands: optimal solutions for professional users, today and in the future
Bosch to acquire Siemens' stake in BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH
Bosch intends to acquire all shares in ZF Lenksysteme
Presentation by Dr. Volkmar Denner, Chairman of the Board of Management of Robert Bosch GmbH
Change to ownership structure
Bosch intends to acquire all shares in ZF Lenksysteme
Euro 6 made simple
Bosch explains: What changes does Euro 6 entail for drivers? From car prices to emissions stickers
World's leading supplier
Four billion Bosch MEMS sensors
Key technology for the internet of things
Bosch to showcase advanced safety, connectivity and driver assistance systems at ITS World Congress
For a limited time only!
"Bosch Japan Motor Sports Campaign Café"
Providing information about motorsports and its appeal (Japanese only)
New PLR 15 laser rangefinder
The world's smallest and most lightweight laser rangefinder (Japanese only)

Aug. 2014

Bosch Japan Motor Sports Campaign
"Kart for Girls!" Kart Racing Event for Women (Japanese only)
With funding from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research:
Conductive lubricants will protect the electric motors of the future
Basic and industrial researchers are developing new greases
Bosch heads up Industry 4.0 research project
IT infrastructure for smart factories
Optimizing and connecting production facilities

Jul. 2014

From new enthusiasts to hard-core fans
Bosch Japan Motor Sports Campaign Launched!
Global motorsport supporter Bosch to provide exclusive information using digital media (Japanese only)
Initiative against youth unemployment
Bosch: Young Spaniards to begin apprenticeships in Germany
Expanding global presence
Bosch opens new plant in Cluj, Romania
Production of electronic components
Development center officially opened in Mexico
Bosch strengthens its software development presence in Americas
Programming and service for local needs
Efficient and powerful:
DTM relies on Bosch technology
Bosch at 24 Hours of Le Mans
27 teams relying on Bosch technology
Presentation on the workplace of the future
Kübel: Flexible working models strengthen employer competitiveness

Jun. 2014

Extensive automotive expertise in compact form
Bosch presents completely revised 28th German edition of its Automotive Handbook
Major reference book since 1932
Automated production assistant:
Bosch "APAS assistant": a flexible, mobile automation solution for connected production
Machine "feels" thanks to "sensor skin"
Annual press conference 2014 in Tokyo
Steady growth of Bosch in Japan
Broad technological and industrial expertise to meet challenges of the connected world
Market entry
For the first time, Bosch offers customized powertrain systems for all classes of motorcycle
New Bosch "Hightec Premium" batteries
Long life, maintenance free batteries also for domestic vehicles with idle reduction function and charge control vehicles (Japanese only)
Bosch brings the internet into the car
Bosch is networking vehicles and revolutionizing mobility

May 2014

Announcement regarding price revisions for automotive batteries (Japanese only)
Bosch gasoline direct injection reduces fuel consumption by up to 15 percent, enhances driving enjoyment, and is becoming standard worldwide
Sensors for increased safety in vehicles
New generation of Bosch inertial sensors
SMI7xy combines measurement of yaw rate and acceleration
Simplifying development of airbag systems
New Bosch acceleration sensors
SMA6xy's standardized housing makes design-in more straightforward
1,000 out of 1,400 jobs preserved in all
Sale of Bosch Solar Energy's cell and module production in Arnstadt to SolarWorld
Bosch to manufacture automotive electronic product in Arnstadt from the autumn
Annual press conference 2014
Bosch starts new year with strong sales growth in every business sector
Bosch uses its broad technological and industrial expertise in the connected world

Apr. 2014

Bosch Submitted Patent Application for the First Electric Horn in 1914
100 Years of Vehicle Horns and Fanfare from Bosch
60 years of efficiency and driving enjoyment
Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing was the first production car to feature Bosch gasoline direct injection
Bosch World Experience
Discover the world with Bosch
Wanted: six participants for a trip around the world
Relocation in Japan
New site for Bosch Packaging Technology
Global center of competence for pharmaceuticals inspection technology
A lifesaver's anniversary
100 million Bosch ESP systems
Almost every second new passenger vehicle worldwide is equipped with ESP

Mar. 2014

Dr. Volkmar Denner at the 14th Stuttgart International Symposium
Bosch putting the autopilot on the road
Milestone in automotive technology
100 years of Bosch starter motors
A further step in the electrification of the automobile
Customized vehicle system development
Bosch Engineering is development partner for the QUANT e-Sportlimousine
ZEIT Sustainability Conference
Franz Fehrenbach, Chairman of the Bosch Supervisory Board: More energy efficiency is possible here and now
"It's time to make the move to alternative forms of energy happen"
Car purchases in spring
Eight Bosch extras that make new cars more economical

Feb. 2014

Expanding the company's international presence
Bosch to invest in Indian locations
Research and Technology Center Bangalore opened
Germany's Federal Ministry of Education and Research funds:
Stress test for robots
Partners from research and industry to develop testing methods for complex industrial systems
Integrated industry
Bosch receives VDA Logistics Award for the virtual reflection of supply chains
Standardized data sharing can optimize entire value-added chains
Activities for high-performance energy storage devices:
Bosch, GS Yuasa, and Mitsubishi Corporation to double capacity of electric vehicle battery
Bosch motorcycle stability control
"We want to save thousands of lives"
Interview with Dr. Fevzi Yildirim, director of the Bosch competence center for motorcycle safety
New two-in-one cordless garden shears set ISIO 2 (Japanese only)

Jan. 2014

Preliminary figures for 2013
Significant progress: Bosch Group increases sales and result
Opening up new market segments for connected living
2014 International CES Sustainability in a Connected World is Bosch focus Featured products highlight home, mobility and future innovations
Bosch at the 2014 CES in Las Vegas, January 7-10
Tiny Bosch sensors for the connected life
Real and virtual worlds come together


Dec. 2013

New lineup of Bosch "BLACK-AGM" batteries
Expanded compatibility for cars with genuine AGM batteries (Japanese only)
Interview: Inspired by Rudolf Diesel and heading toward electrification
Internet of things and services
Monaco and Bosch are working on the connected city of tomorrow
"Outstanding contribution to innovation"
Dr. Christof Bosch receives Diesel Medal in recognition of the Bosch Group's exceptional technological leadership
Bosch Japan earthquake relief efforts
Saint Nikolaus is coming to town for the third time
Visiting 262 children of day-care center in Higashimatsushima City, Miyagi Prefecture
OpEneR: PSA Peugeot Citroën & Bosch reveal two new functions to optimise vehicle range and safety
Joint press release by ABB, Bosch, Cisco, and LG
Open standard for the smart homes of the future
Intent to cooperate internationally
New GLM 100C digital laser rangefinder
Smart solution for transferring and documenting measuring results (Japanese only)

Nov. 2013

The 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013

The 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013: Release List

Milestone for two-wheeler safety
One million motorcycles fitted with Bosch ABS
Antilock braking system has been made in Japan since 1994
Bosch lean-angle sensor features in the Ducati 1199 Superleggera
30th German Logistics Congress in Berlin
Bosch supervisory board chairman Fehrenbach: future mobility depends on modern infrastructure
Mobility concepts are an export opportunity

Oct. 2013

Construction enters next phase
Topping-out ceremony at new Bosch center for research and advance engineering
First associates to move in at end of 2014
Bosch, Trumpf, University of Jena, and Fraunhofer IOF nominated
The German Federal President's Future Prize - Bosch tames the power of the laser
Joachim Gauck: "Innovative strength safeguards prosperity and welfare"
Anniversary for fuel-saving technology
Ten million Bosch start-stop starter motors
Easy integration into all vehicle classes
Development of the diesel engine and of the Bosch common-rail direct injection system
From shaky start to wide acceptance

Bosch Motorcycle Stability Control

Bosch lean-angle sensor for motorcycles
Improved safety, comfort, and dynamics on two wheels
Improved safety on two wheels
Bosch motorcycle stability control
Controlled braking - also in bends

Jan. 2013

Press Release List

Sep. 2013

Earthquake relief activities
Bosch invites families to attend 2013 Japan Formula 3 Championship
Inspire children to accelerate their dreams
"Most innovative technology"
Start-stop coasting: award-winning and efficient
Bosch SMG 180/120 electric motor: compact powerhouse
Powerful electric powertrain with up to 80 kW and extremely high efficiency in the urban cycle
Electronic clutch made by Bosch
eClutch saves fuel and makes driving easier
Cost-efficient system closes the gap between manual and automatic transmission

IAA 2013

The future of driving: electric, automated, connected
Bosch at the IAA 2013
Bosch Automotive Technology gains momentum:
five percent more growth,
around six percent return
Bosch compact
Bosch automotive technology at the IAA 2013
From products such as the iBooster to advances in electromobility and highly-automated vehicles

Eurostar 2013 award for Bosch manager
Road safety: "Bosch is a technological leader in automated driving"
Formula Student 2013
230 students invited to Boxberg to optimize race cars built to their own designs
Bosch sponsoring 36 European student teams to take part in Formula Student Germany
Funding from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Data and power - two become one
IntLiIon consortium aims to improve battery performance in electric vehicles
Expanding the company's international presence
Bosch opens new plant in China
Manufacture of automotive safety systems
Bosch compact
Overview of diesel markets from China to the U.S.
Sales boosted by the monsoon in India, banned in the Brazilian passenger segment, and progressing in the United States
International assignments at Bosch
Preparing for work abroad
Important points to keep in mind
Bosch compact
Technology for the mobility of the future
Bosch takes part in UN high-level dialogue on sustainable cities and urban transport
Diesel in North America
Bosch Technology Powers 2014 Chevrolet Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel
Bosch is lean and green
Double honors at the 2013 Lean & Green Efficiency Awards
Economics and the environment: mutually beneficial
Commitment to Hungary
Bosch opens new headquarters in Budapest
100 million euros to be invested by 2015
Bosch garners award from automotive journalists
Hydraulic hybrid is "Engine of the Year"
Bosch also receives Automotive Interiors Expo Award for 315 CN radio navigation system
Expanding international presence:
Bosch starts construction of a new boiler production facility in Russia
Total investment will exceed 20 million euros
Factory of the future
Bosch is partner in eta project for model energy-efficient factory
Joint research project with TU Darmstadt
Bosch compact
New Bosch plant in Romania: facts and figures
Second manufacturing facility in Blaj
Increasingly complex global supply chains
Bosch sharpens its focus on logistics
Andreas Reutter joins the executive management of the corporate purchasing and logistics sector
Diesel dominates the 24 Hours of Le Mans
Bosch supplies Audi Sport with diesel hybrid technology
Le Mans teams rely on Bosch technology
New collision warning system in use in racing
Bosch opens new proving ground in China
Proving ground covers surface area of 1.4 million square meters

Aug. 2013

Overall solution with flexible building blocks
Bosch expands its Telematics Services for intelligent fleet management
Bosch Software Innovations creates e-mobility solution with universal standards
Bosch encourages standards in connectivity
Electromobility could gradually become a mass market from 2020
Technology of the future is already in series production
Optimizing energy efficiency
Bosch wins DeutscherIdeenPreis for the Best Green Innovation
Opportunities for business and society
Bosch CEO Denner sees potential for Germany in networked production
Germany needs a competitive industrial base
New round of "MORE" project kicks off
500 Bosch executives test flexible working models
First "International German Forum"
Bosch supervisory board chairman Fehrenbach: more competition means more progress
Competition for the best solution as a way to better quality of life
Bosch at BAUMA 2013
Hybrid drive for building site vehicles
Tried-and-tested common rail technology reduces fuel consumption and emissions in off-highway applications

Jul. 2013

ITU recognizes commitment to road safety
Bosch CEO Denner receives award from the International Telecommunication Union
2013 Automotive Innovation Award
Awards for Bosch parking assistant and hybrid components

Bosch Global Supplier Award

Bosch Global Supplier Award
Bosch honors its best suppliers
First award in new "innovation" category
Bosch compact
Bosch Global Supplier Award

Jun. 2013

Expansion of footprint in Southeast Asia
Bosch plans first automotive manufacturing facility in Indonesia
Annual press conference in Tokyo
Bosch in Japan strong partner for global expansion
Increasing business with JOEM customers
Activities for high-performance energy storage devices:
Bosch, GS Yuasa, and Mitsubishi Corporation working on next-generation lithium-ion batteries

61st Automotive Press Briefing (Speeches)

The future of cars is here
- with smart solutions from Bosch
Bosch powertrain: what will drive us in the future
On the road to accident-free driving -
Bosch is networking and automating vehicles
Networking vehicles for increased safety and efficiency

61st Automotive Press Briefing (Press Releases)

Bosch compact
Automotive Press Briefing 2013: fact sheet
From hydraulic hybrid systems and driver assistance to connected driving
From motor to battery
Bosch is one-stop supplier for electric drives
Bosch power electronics
The command center of the electrical powertrain
Bosch compact
Diesel facts
From emission standards and particles to the number of newly registered vehicles
Bosch hydraulic hybrid
Practical and fun to drive
An alternative powertrain that offers an efficient way to recover braking energy
Vienna Motor Symposium 2013
Bosch believes vehicles can become even more fuel-efficient
Boost recuperation system
Bosch is making hybrids affordable
Electric components provide a 10 kW boost while lowering CO2 emissions by up to 15 percent
Anniversary of vehicle electric systems
100 years of Bosch generators
A reliable automotive power supply
Anniversary for fuel-saving technology
Ten million Bosch start-stop starter motors
Easy integration into all vehicle classes
The new Bosch iBooster
Intelligent control boosts braking power
Basic system for electromobility and driver assistance
Automated driving
Bosch carries out tests on German roads
Two eyes for binocular vision
Bosch stereo video camera enhances comfort and safety
Driver assistance systems make driving easier
Key component in driver assistance
Bosch manufactures one-millionth radar sensor
Electric Power Steering Facilitates Networked Driving
Bosch surveys car buyers in three EU countries
Top priority given to safety
Wide awareness of the latest driver assistance systems
Apps on an open-source platform:
Bosch puts the internet into the car
Natural voice input for the new General Motors infotainment system
Tiny but highly complex:
Three billion Bosch MEMS sensors
Precision sensors for measuring the world
Automatic emergency call system
The Bosch eCall service ensures that life-saving assistance reaches the scene of an accident more quickly
European-wide contact in multiple languages

Bosch makes driving safer and more comfortable
Assistance systems reach the compact class
Featured in the new Golf
Article: Dr. Volkmar Denner
Energy efficiency now - or failure tomorrow

May 2013

Bosch "BLACK-AGM" battery
Auxiliary battery for Mercedes-Benz (Japanese only)
Vienna Motor Symposium 2013
Bosch believes vehicles can become even more fuel-efficient
Key component in driver assistance
Bosch manufactures one-millionth radar sensor
Automated driving
Bosch carries out tests on German roads
100 years of apprentice workshops
Bosch to offer dual occupational training abroad
New training centers in Vietnam and Thailand

Apr. 2013

BMW honors Bosch
"BMW Supplier Innovation Award" for outstanding partnership
Annual press conference
Networked technology for improved quality of life
Improved result expected for 2013
Innovations from Bosch have enabled reliable ignition in internal combustion engines since 1902
111 years of Bosch spark plugs
9D Sense research project:
Developing new applications in the fields of pedestrian navigation and orthopedics technology
Energy-autonomous, multi-sensor systems
Car Magazine Readers Vote for Bosch as Top Brand
Car Drivers Place Most Trust in the Bosch Brand and Bosch Products
Bosch cooperating with partners on efficient fleet management
750 new electric vehicles planned for the Stuttgart region
Get eReady research project launched
Anniversary of vehicle electric systems
100 years of Bosch generators
A reliable automotive power supply
Expansion of production in Asia Pacific
Bosch Automotive Aftermarket opens new plant in Nanjing, China

Mar. 2013

Changes on the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH
Bosch ends photovoltaics activities
Bosch to acquire software company specializing in air-conditioning and ventilation
Bosch adds to its family-friendly working culture
First guidelines for balancing career and private life
World's Most Admired Companies 2013:
Bosch named most admired automotive supplier
Fortune magazine cites company as most admired in motor vehicle parts industry worldwide
R&D expenditure of 4.5 billion euros
Bosch ranks first in Europe with 838 patents in 2012
Innovations include snap electrodes for clean exhaust
Bosch hydraulic hybrid
Practical and fun to drive
An alternative powertrain that offers an efficient way to recover braking energy
Production milestone for diesel injection systems
10 million Bosch common-rail systems for commercial vehicles

Feb. 2013

Apps on an open-source platform:
Bosch puts the internet into the car
Natural voice input for the new General Motors infotainment system
Bosch plans to acquire specialist in the energy services sector
Bosch honored by Toyota
Global Contribution Award for outstanding achievements
Bosch surveys car buyers in three EU countries
Top priority given to safety
Wide awareness of the latest driver assistance systems
Bosch diagnostics equipment "general-purpose scanning tool cash-back campaign" period extended (Japanese only)
Alternative powertrain concept planned
Bosch working on hydraulic hybrid for passenger cars
Cost-effective way of reducing CO2 and consumption
New Keo handy-type cordless power saw for a wide variety of gardening and DIY tasks (Japanese only)

Jan. 2013

Bosch designs Application-Specific Integrated Circuits for MEMS sensors in Dresden
Focus on automotive and consumer applications
Preliminary figures for 2012
Cooling global economy slows pace of Bosch Group growth
Focus for 2013 on earnings strength, growth, and agility
Less stress during traffic jams
Bosch works on autonomous driving
Bosch ACS 751 air conditioning service equipment for passenger cars and commercial vehicles (Japanese only)
Packaging Technology: Merger in Japan completed
Eisai Machinery becomes Bosch
Renaming of subsidiaries
Strengthening its global presence:
Bosch plans new plant in Russia
Samara as future manufacturing site for automotive technology


Dec. 2012

Robust three-axis sensor in engine compartment
First combined inertial sensor with integrated vibration damper for ESP® from Bosch
SMI650 senses yaw rate and acceleration
State government praises excellent energy concept
Environment Award for Businesses 2012 for Bosch
High level of annual CO2 savings
Bosch FSA 500 vehicle system analyzer
Basic model with functions needed to analyze vehicle systems (Japanese only)
Bosch Corporation Hosts Essay Contest
Imagine the Car of the Future with Bosch
Award Ceremony Held at Shibuya Headquarters
Automotive aftermarket business expansion
Incorporation of Bosch Automotive Service Solutions
Strengthening of diagnostics and repair solutions business
Bosch Japan earthquake relief efforts
Saint Nikolaus is coming to town for the second time
Charity event to support 189 children
Following approval of antitrust authorities
Bosch completes acquisition of SPX Service Solutions
Purchase of U.S. diagnostics and service specialist expands product portfolio

Nov. 2012

Production milestone for gasoline direct injection
50 million injection valves and 10 million high-pressure pumps manufactured at Bosch
Rapid market growth continues

Driver Assistance Systems

China Navigation from Bosch for Volkswagen
Radio, navigation and telephone with touch screen
Convenient and easy operation
More safety when changing lane or reversing out of a parking space
Bosch mid-range radar for rear-end applications
77 gigahertz technology allows global use
Bosch cuts fuel consumption of commercial vehicles:
Eco.Logic motion for economic driving
Lower fuel consumption and emissions
Driver assistance systems are becoming ever more capable
Reach destinations safely and stress-free with Bosch
Two eyes for binocular vision
Bosch stereo video camera enhances comfort and safety
Driver assistance systems make driving easier

Diesel exhaust-gas treatment
Bosch, DEUTZ, and Eberspächer restructure their collaboration
Bosch to acquire all shares in Bosch Emission Systems GmbH & Co. KG
Bosch "PS Battery" for domestic cars features improved charge retention (Japanese only)
Bosch vehicle service center network "Bosch Car Service" achieves its 100th shop in Japan (Japanese only)
New Bosch "Cabin Filter Premium"
First air conditioner filter with anti-virus and allergen control for imported cars (Japanese only)
Bosch Group's Earthquake Relief Activities
Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra Performs in Higashimatsushima
Autumn Time Steeped in Rich Musical Heritage of Germany
Bosch sells shares in Denso Corporation

Oct. 2012

2012 EFQM Excellence Award in Brussels
Bosch receives four awards for integrated management
Bamberg location named this year's overall winner
Bosch diagnostics equipment "general-purpose scanning tool cash-back campaign" (Japanese only)
New research and advance engineering center in Renningen

Safety Systems for Motorcycles

Motorcycle brakes are becoming smarter
Bosch now offers additional functions for the antilock braking system
Software and sensors for even greater safety
Bosch Engineering GmbH
New SU-MM5.10 lean-angle sensor for motorcycles
Safety technology for emerging markets
Bosch develops front ABS for motorcycles
Vehicle dynamics control now also for motorcycles
Bosch stability control makes cornering safer

Bosch at the 64th IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hannover
Efficient technology offers growth opportunities
Focus on continuously reducing consumption
New Bosch "Rally Hybrid" compact, lightweight and long lasting electronic horn with stable sound quality (Japanese only)

Sep. 2012

Education and training 2012
Bosch offers 1,553 young people career perspectives with a future
SB LiMotive joint venture to be disbanded
Bosch to step up its activities in the development and production of efficient battery technology
German Motor Club's (VCD) 2012-2013 list of eco-friendly cars
Vehicle with Bosch natural gas system named most eco-friendly car

Aug. 2012

For more safety, assistance, and comfort Bosch launches new ESP® for premium segment
Long-term strategy for electromobility
Bosch plans to establish a joint venture with Ningbo Polaris
Entry into the global eScooter motor market
Bosch and the Principality of Monaco plan to work together on the connected city of the future
New series of 18 volt lithium-ion cordless DIY power tools
Full lineup of top class, high performance DIY power tools (Japanese only)

Jul. 2012

Formula Student 2012
Bosch gets students' race cars ready for international competition
On the Boxberg proving ground, 200 students optimize vehicles built to their own designs
New Bosch "Plus (+) 90" halogen bulbs provide increased brightness and visibilty yet have lower heat generation (Japanese only)
Changes on the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH

Jun. 2012

24 Hours of Le Mans

Racing classic on the Circuit de la Sarthe
Le Mans teams rely once again on Bosch technology
The legendary "24 Hours of Le Mans"
Audi Sport to race with Bosch diesel technology once again
Documentary "24 Hours of Le Mans"
Bosch Motorsport telemetry systems in use at endurance classic

Support for devastated areas of Japan
The World is Your Stage!
Bosch charity soccer school in Higashimatsushima
Bundesliga Stars Shinji Okazaki and Gotoku Sakai from VfB Stuttgart lead the way
Symbolic groundbreaking ceremony
Bosch starts construction of new center for research and advance engineering in Renningen, Germany
Center to become a global research network hub
Annual press conference in Tokyo
Bosch continues sustainable and profitable growth in Japan
Increase speed of globalization together with Japanese customers
Bosch releases long-life, totally maintenance-free "Hightec AGM Battery" for import cars, adding new model numbers (Japanese only)
Basis for additional safety and assistance functions
Bosch starts series production of new ESP® plus

May 2012

New Bosch long-life and maintenance-free auxiliary battery "Hightec HV" specially designed for domestic hybrid vehicles (Japanese only)
New Bosch compact & low vibration new generation random action sander with microfilter system for clean sanding (Japanese only)
Award conferred by Federal Chancellor Merkel
Bosch is Germany's most family-friendly large enterprise
Exemplary support for associates

Apr. 2012

Annual press conference 2012
Bosch: strong core business is basis for further development
Long-term corporate strategy paying off
Article: Dr. rer. nat. Volkmar Denner
We want to connect the virtual and the physical world
Anniversary for a life saving technology
75 million Bosch ESP® systems
ESP® in nearly every second new car worldwide in 2012
Preventing microsleep
Bosch Driver Drowsiness Detection
Now also featured in the Volkswagen Passat Alltrack
Acquisition of Eisai Machinery approved
Bosch Packaging Technology extends pharmaceutical inspection competence
Changes at Robert Bosch GmbH and Robert Bosch Industrietreuhand KG

Mar. 2012

Munich innovation forum
Internet of things and services - Bosch is ready
Bosch named world's most admired automotive supplier

Feb. 2012

New Bosch standard specifications scan tools
New "ESI [tronic] 2.0" user interface for "GST Standard" & "GST Standard Plus" (Japanese only)
Expansion of vehicle system analyzers for hybrid vehicles
New electric drive systems high-voltage multi-tester "FSA 050" and digital multimeter "MMD 540H" (Japanese only)
Expansion of Bosch Packaging Technology
Bosch plans to acquire Eisai's machinery business companies
Acquisition strengthens position in the pharmaceutical market

Jan. 2012

Preliminary figures for fiscal 2011
Bosch exceeds growth target
Further sales increase expected in 2012
Addition to diagnostics business
Bosch plans to acquire SPX Service Solutions Business
Results of the "Imageprofile 2012" study
Bosch is the most respected industrial enterprise in Germany
Strong focus on sustainability and innovative strength
Manga about biography of Robert Bosch published in Japan
Project to spread company founder's spirit among associates
Bosch Corporation:
Changes of President and Directors


Dec. 2011

For milestones in automotive technology:
Professor Dr. Hermann Scholl receives the Werner von Siemens Ring
Chairman of the supervisory council of Robert Bosch GmbH is honored
In the double anniversary year
Multiple awards for Bosch Group communications activities
Many national and international awards
Bosch Japan visits 250 children in devastated areas to continue its relief activities
The German tradition of St. Nikolaus coming to town with Bosch

The 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011

Bosch Automotive Technology: driving forward innovation in established and emerging markets
Trends in Automotive Technology
Bosch products for established and emerging markets
Environment, safety, and comfort driving forward technological development
From battery cell to electric motor
Bosch paving the way to electromobility
21 projects with 13 automakers by 2013
Gasoline and diesel still have potential
Reduced CO2 emissions thanks to Bosch technology
Only efficient combustion engines can achieve CO2 targets
Bosch common-rail systems
Diesel injection technology with up to 2,500 bar injection pressure in the future
Optimized solenoid-valve and piezo injectors
Exhaust-gas treatment for diesel engines
Denoxtronic and new sensors for future emissions standards
Motronic for gasoline direct injection
Gasoline direct injection increasingly gaining market share
Clean and economical spark-ignition engines with Bosch direct injection technology
Peugeot 3008 HYbrid4
World's first diesel hybrid enters series production with a Bosch electric drive
Strategic partnership between PSA Peugeot Citroën and Bosch
Natural gas and ethanol
Bosch injection systems for alternative fuels
Eco-friendly and resource-conserving
Even lower consumption and CO2 emissions
Advanced Bosch start/stop system saves even more fuel
Systems for improved safety and comfort
Bosch driver assistance systems for all vehicle classes
New Bosch mid-range radar sensor
Cost-effective basis for assistance and safety systems
Reducing the risk of rear-end collisions
Bosch develops emergency braking assistant for low speeds
First series application in the Audi A5
For low fuel consumption and a good range
Bosch regenerative braking systems for hybrid and electric vehicles
New display technology from Bosch
Three-dimensional automobile displays
Spatial representation of information
Future HMI system solutions
Scalable display instruments from Bosch
Freely configurable displays
Second-generation parking assistant
Bay parking also possible with Bosch technology
Making drivers' lives easier
U.S. traffic safety administration takes the initiative
Bosch reversing camera helps prevent accidents while maneuvering
Production application from 2013
Lighter, more comfortable, and fuel saving
New Bosch ZOHe brake caliper
Broad portfolio for front and rear axle
Optimized auxiliary systems reduce consumption
Bosch raises efficiency of small electric motors
EU regulation enters into force in November 2011:
ESP® compulsory in all new car models
Anti-skid system fitted as standard
Electronic Stability Control ESC on the rise in Japan
Over one quarter of new cars in 2010 equipped with live-saving technology
Efficient Workshop Technology for Workshops
Bosch Offers Future-Oriented Testing Systems for the Maintenance and Repair of Modern Vehicles
Increasing capacity for brake components
Bosch continues to scale up production for Brakes
Aftermarket Program
Motors for electric cars
Bosch and Daimler enter into a joint venture
Modular motor concept offers a number of options
Bosch Mahle Turbo Systems - Contracts to deliver one million turbochargers per year ahead of the market launch.
Clever Savings: 20 Million Electric Power Steering Systems

Nov. 2011

Bosch launches "Bosch Car Service Campaign" (Japanese only)
New models of Bosch Silver Batteries for European cars
"Silver X for European Cars" (Japanese only)
New Bosch lightweight & high-power compact battery driver drill with a 10.8 volt lithium-ion battery for high performance (Japanese only)

Sep. 2011

Bosch Corporation:
Summer Operation Schedule Ends
Goal of reducing power use by 15% reached
Power-saving efforts continue
The 150th birthday of Robert Bosch
"I would rather lose money than trust"
Company founder shapes corporate culture to the present day

IAA 2011

In times of economic volatility: Bosch drives forward innovation in the automotive industry
Economic volatility and environmental trends
Bosch drives forward innovation in the automotive industry
Still on track for growth - more associates

Support for devastated areas of Japan
Bosch brings 300 housing containers to Higashimatsushima
Associates help with clean-up activities
First Bosch battery in Japan for trucks and commercial vehicles "PS Battery for commercial vehicle" (Japanese only)

Aug. 2011

Bosch Group:
Container Housing and Vehicle Presentation Ceremony in Higashi-Matsushima
Bosch Import Master Flat Wiper for imported cars selected as a winner in the Functional Accessories Category for the "24th Nikkan Jidosha Shimbun (Daily Automotive Newspaper) Car Parts & Accessories Awards 2011" (Japanese only)

Jul. 2011

Bosch airs radio ads
Ads promote automotive aftermarket products to car users each season (Japanese only)
Renewal of Bosch wiper blade lineup for imported cars
New Import Master fits a wide variety of left-hand or right-hand drive imported vehicles, thanks to the world's first variable adapter and symmetric spoiler (Japanese only)
Expansion in photovoltaics
Bosch planning new manufacturing site for solar energy in Malaysia
Site to cover entire value-added chain
Bosch Group:
Donates 300 Container Housing Units to Higashi-Matsushima City, Miyagi Prefecture
Bosch in Japan:
Solid performance in 2010 and target for further growth after overcoming the disaster
100 Years of Bosch "Invented for life" in Japan
Bosch Japan Celebrating a Triple Anniversary
New Bosch 100V multi-cutter provides high power and enables continuous work (Japanese only)

Jun. 2011

Bosch Corporation
Changes Working Days During Summer
Targets 15% Reduction in Electricity Use
Bosch Group:
Sends Associate Volunteers to Disaster-Stricken Region
Ongoing Physical Support
New Bosch high-power handy hedge trimmer with a 10.8 volt lithium-ion battery for plenty of work (Japanese only)

International Automotive Press Briefing 2011

60th International Automotive Press Briefing
Bosch enjoys strong growth in automotive technology
Growth predominantly in Asia Pacific
Bosch as systems supplier:
A driving force in an automotive industry in flux
Safety and assistance systems
HMI - the human-machine interface
Reducing CO2 emissions with optimized internal-combustion engines
Electromobility: Bosch strategy and prospects
Power electronics - a key to the electromobility of the future

New model of the Bosch battery-powered saber saw (Japanese only)
Bosch exhibits at the 32nd Auto Service Show 2011 (Japanese only)

May 2011

Bosch Corporation: Announcement of personnel changes of executives

125 Years of Bosch - Anniversary Gala

125 years of Bosch - Invented for life
Anniversary gala: Bosch celebrates with 2,000 guests from the worlds of business, politics, and the media
150th anniversary of company founder Robert Bosch's birth
The past needs a future
Innovative spirit in the history of Bosch
Congratulations on 125 years of Bosch
125 years of Bosch - Social dialog has a future

New generation of Bosch DIY jigsaws
New models are compact, have high functionality, and are even easier to use (Japanese only)
New model of the popular battery-powered multi-cutter
Even higher productivity and usability (Japanese only)

Apr. 2011

Passive protection in accidents
Over 111 million Bosch airbag control units
Restraint systems now standard in most parts of the world
Emerging stronger from the economic crisis
Bosch makes a good start to the new fiscal year
Strategy confirmed - challenges for the future

Eastern Japan Earthquake

Bosch Group:
Power tools donated to a non-profit organization
Support for reconstruction in disaster areas
Bosch Group:
Donations for regions and victims of the Eastern Japan Earthquake
Further assistance under consideration

Mar. 2011

Eastern Japan Earthquake

Bosch Group: Report on Bosch's response to the Eastern Japan Earthquake (Report No.3)
Initial support for victims of catastrophe
Bosch makes one million euros of immediate aid available for Japan
Further activities to follow in due course
Bosch Group: Report on Bosch's response to the Eastern Japan Earthquake (Report No.2)
Bosch Group: Report on damage caused by the Eastern Japan Earthquake and Bosch's response

Bosch extends KTS 340 special price campaign and KTS 5 series set value campaign due to popular demand (Japanese only)

Feb. 2011

Toyota Motor Corporation Global Contribution Award to Bosch
Preliminary figures for fiscal 2010
Bosch back on clear course for growth
Sales expected to surpass 50 billion euros in 2011

Jan. 2011

125 Years of Bosch - Invented for life (Press Releases)

125 years of Bosch - Invented for life
International markets and the path to success
Internationalization is part of the Bosch tradition
125 years of Bosch - Invented for life
Robert Bosch: the man and the entrepreneur
Visionary far-sightedness leads to international success
125 years of Bosch - Invented for life
Bosch technology for nearly every area of life
Innovative products that enhance daily life
125 years of Bosch - Invented for life
Market opportunities based on promising technologies
Bosch helps to build a sustainable world

125 Years of Bosch - Invented for life (Factsheets)

125 years of Bosch - Invented for life
Bosch Group facts and figures
125 years of Bosch - Invented for life
Milestones in company history
125 years of Bosch - Invented for life
Robert Bosch - a concise biography
125 years of Bosch - Invented for life
Robert Bosch GmbH and its chairmen
125 years of Bosch - Invented for life
Product development milestones


Dec. 2010

Greater stability when braking hard
New Bosch motorcycle ABS goes into series
ABS 9 plus with integrated pressure sensor
SB LiMotive to provide lithium-ion battery packs for Fiat 500EV
Bosch launches KTS340 special price campaign and
KTS5 series set value campaign
Bosch is a childcare-friendly company
Grand prize at the 4th "Saitama Attaka Kosodate Kigyo Sho"
Focus on maintaining a better system and environment (Japanese only)

Nov. 2010

Completion of vehicle proving ground expansion in Japan
Bosch Technical Center Memanbetsu doubles in size
New model of the best-selling handy type driver "IXO"
Even easier to use with additional new options (Japanese only)

Oct. 2010

Bosch is a childcare-friendly company
"Kurumin" certification mark acquired from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
Maintaining a better system and environment that aim to support both work and family (Japanese only)
Price reduction for Bosch 2kg class hammer drills for professional use (Japanese only)

Sep. 2010

IAA 2010

Growing by saving:
Opportunities for technical solutions to make
commercial vehicles even more economical
63rd IAA Commercial Vehicles
Bosch back on a path of growth
Greater economy thanks to innovative technology

Mr. Masayuki Goto, who is the managing director of Bosch Corporation, will retire as of October 31, 2010 (Japanese only)
Bosch's "High Tech Silver Battery II" wins the 2010 Good Design Award
Electronic Stability Control ESC on the rise in Japan
Almost one quarter of new cars equipped
with live-saving technology,
but mini cars penetration still low
Bosch Corporation: Holding table tennis classes for students of Higashimatsuyama City with Citizen Holdings Co., Ltd. (Japanese only)

Aug. 2010

A milestone in active driving safety
15th anniversary of series production for Bosch ESP®

Jul. 2010

New steering-angle sensor: Bosch LWS6
Cost-optimized model goes to series
Long-term strategy for electromobility
Bosch: working on the automobile of the future
Annual investment of 400 million euros
SB LiMotive lithium-ion technology
The car batteries of the future
Cost, energy density, and safety are central
Renewal of the mobile site for Bosch automotive aftermarket products (Japanese only)

Jun. 2010

New Business Field in the eMobility Arena:
Bosch Building Electric Drives for eBikes
Development Partner is Cannondale
Bosch releases a new silicone wiper refill blade "Silicone Plus Refill" exclusively for Aerotwin Multi in response to requests from customers (Japanese only)
Bosch Corporation: Official opening of Bosch R&D center expansion in Yokohama
Bosch "Clean Diesel Campaign" results
32,775 responses in two months, Majority feels that the image of clean diesel cars is "clean", "quiet" and "quick" (Japanese only)

May 2010

Bosch in Japan: Promising start in 1st Quarter of 2010 (Japanese only)
Bosch renews its lineup of Silver batteries for Japanese cars
"Hightec Silver II" puts the priority on long life in response to requests from users (Japanese only)
Cost-effective airbag control unit from Bosch
AB light goes into series production (Japanese only)
Extensive safety in the new Audi A8
Bosch predictive emergency braking system goes into series production

Apr. 2010

Annual Press Conference 2010

Good start to the new fiscal year
Bosch expects substantial recovery following
the crisis year 2009
Fehrenbach: return to positive result in 2010

Two new Bosch 10.8 volt battery tools
Battery impact driver and battery driver drill (Japanese only)

Mar. 2010

Bosch "Aerotwin Multi" flat wiper blades support KONDO RACING's victory in round 1 of the 2010 AUTOBACS SUPER GT Series (Japanese only)
Change in the Board of Management of Robert Bosch GmbH
Two new Bosch laser rangefinders
Multi-function laser rangefinders with maximum measurement range up to 250m/150m (Japanese only)
Only Wiper Blade to Be Awarded "Very Good" in Test
Bosch Aerotwin Clear Winner in ADAC Windshield Wiper Test

Feb. 2010

Preliminary figures presented
Economic crisis takes heavy toll in fiscal 2009

Jan. 2010

Bosch "Clean Diesel Campaign"
Answer the quiz and apply to be one of 80 people to win special prizes and Bosch original goods (Japanese only)


Dec. 2009

Compact and cost-effective
Bosch AB plus airbag control unit
New regulation to improve pedestrian safety
EU makes brake assist mandatory

Nov. 2009

Get the Bosch! Silver Battery Winter Campaign (Japanese only)
Two new Bosch multi-function battery impact drivers
New series features improved functionality and usability (Japanese only)
Bosch develops night vision system further
"Night Vision plus" identifies pedestrians
Driving in the dark becomes even safer
New Bosch 3D wheel alignment tester "FWA4630" greatly reduces the measurement time (Japanese only)
New Bosch multi-function jigsaw guide makes jigsaws even easier to use
Feature-packed guide brings out the fun of using jigsaws (Japanese only)

Oct. 2009

The 41st Tokyo Motor Show 2009

Bosch Automotive Technology:
Well prepared for the shift in global markets

Dr. Bernd Bohr,
Chairman of the Bosch Automotive Group,
at the Tokyo Motor Show
Tokyo, October 22, 2009

Bosch Automotive Technology
Well prepared for the shift in global markets
Gasoline and diesel engines
Bosch: The internal-combustion engine
to remain the technology of choice
Smaller engines, lower fuel consumption,
but same power output
Bosch alternative drive technologies
Components and systems for hybrid and electric vehicles
Bosch DI-Motronic
Direct injection technology for efficient and clean gasoline engines
Bosch common-rail systems for cars
Less consumption and lower emissions
Potential for future emissions regulations
Natural gas, ethanol, and biodiesel
Bosch injection systems for alternative fuels
Eco-friendly and resource-conserving
Reduced emissions, greater efficiency
Bosch Denoxtronic for clean diesels
Bosch transmission controls and components
Greater convenience, less consumption
For all types of automatic transmissions
Engine management and fuel-injection technology Bosch components for low-price vehicles
More safety, comfort, and agility
Bosch safety and driver assistance systems
High-performance Bosch assistance and safety systems go into series production
Comprehensive function package available in the market at the start of 2010
Bosch ultrasound sensors for the car
On the road to fully automatic parking
Bosch navigation is environmentally friendly:
Navigator and fuel saver in one device
Eco route focuses on ecological aspects
Multimedia reference system from Bosch:
New generation of infotainment systems
Dual architecture offers greatest operating safety
Simplified architecture for on-board networks
Safer, more flexible, and more cost-effective with the Bosch domain control unit (DCU)
More compact and even better performance
New Bosch ABS/ESP® technology
Series start for generation 9 scheduled for 2010
Third-generation Long-Range Radar
Bosch radar sensor even smaller and capable of superior results
Maiden voyage in Porsche Panamera
Bosch launches new motorcycle ABS
World's smallest unit with electro-hydraulic Combined Brake System (eCBS)
Bosch ESP® with Integrated Inertial Sensors launched in new Suzuki Kizashi
SB LiMotive at the IAA 2009
Lithium-ion technology for the automotive battery of the future
ZF Lenksysteme:
Clever savings: 10 Million Electric Power Steering Systems
Aerotwin Multi-Clip:
New patented universal adapter for speedy installation of Bosch Aerotwin wipers

Bosch "Aerotwin Multi" and "Platinum-Iridium Fusion" selected as winners in the "2009 Good Design Awards" (Japanese only)
Bosch begins sales of Webasto AG 's "Webasto Heater" for trucks that can be used even when engines are turned off instead of left idling during stops (Japanese only)
New Bosch disc grinder power tools
Smallest grip circumference makes them easy to use!
Exceptional durability and safety! Max power 960W! (Japanese only)

Sep. 2009

IAA 2009

In the wake of a deep recession
First signs of recovery
Structural change in the automotive industry expected

New Bosch compact diagnosis tester "KTS 340"
Handles everything from vehicle diagnosis to service and maintenance (Japanese only)
New Bosch power drill with a 14.4V lithium-ion battery
Compact, multi-functional all-in-one drill (Japanese only)

Aug. 2009

Percentage up again in 2008
81% of all newly registered cars in Germany with ESP®
Share in Europe also grows significantly
Bosch battery impact driver "Double Chance Campaign" (Japanese only)
Two new Bosch laser rangefinders
Choose from two of the world's smallest laser rangefinders based on function and price (Japanese only)

Jul. 2009

First application in brake control systems
Bosch ESP®premium with FlexRay interface
Two new Bosch battery-powered saber saws
New models combine high safety and usability (Japanese only)
New Bosch SDS-max rotary hammer & demolition hammer
Reduced vibration while working (Japanese only)
Electronic Stability Control ESC on the rise
Nearly every fifth new car equipped with live-saving technology
Bosch Hightec Silver Battery selected as a winner in the Functional Accessories Category for the "22nd Nikkan Jidosha Shimbun (Daily Automotive Newspaper) Car Parts & Accessories Awards 2009" (Japanese only)
High-precision PM & SOF measuring instrument "RTM215J Opacimeter" to be released: fully localized in Japanese for enhanced ease-of-use (Japanese only)

Jun. 2009

New Bosch power tools equipped with lithium-ion batteries
New models combine high safety and usability (Japanese only)
Get the Bosch! Silver Battery Summer Campaign  (Japanese only)

International Automotive Press Briefing 2009

Bosch technology for the future of mobility
Protecting the environment and preventing accidents are the main issues
Bosch as a systems supplier:
Many roads lead to the future of the car (Japanese only)
Safety, comfort, and agility –
Bosch driver assistance systems (Japanese only)
Function Networking:
Navigation as a Sensor System (Japanese only)
The internal-combustion engine of the future –
excellent economy and high power despite smaller size (Japanese only)
Special technology for a special market -
Fuel injection systems for low-price vehicles (Japanese only)
Powertrain electrification
Technologies, current status, and outlook (Japanese only)
Lithium-Ion Batteries –
Challenges and Milestones in their Development for Automotive Use (Japanese only)

Bosch invests in Technical Center Memanbetsu
Anticipation of increased ABS and ESC demand

May 2009

Bosch in Japan: Global recession affects results
Expansion of business beyond automotive technology sector (Japanese only)
Get the Bosch! Aerotwin 10th Anniversary Campaign (Japanese only)

Apr. 2009

Annual Press Conference 2009

Annual Press Conference 2009, Stuttgart

10th anniversary of the pioneer of flat blade wipers
"Aerotwin" series
Three new "Aerotwin Multi" products (Japanese only)
New model Bosch power driver drill equipped with a 14.4V lithium-ion battery
New generation model combines high functionality and usability (Japanese only)
New faces at Robert Bosch
Industrietreuhand KG and on the supervisory council of Robert Bosch GmbH
Sustainability – more topical than ever
Climate protection also in times of crisis
Urgent appeal to business
Groundbreaking ceremony for new solar production facility
1,100 new jobs at ersol
Investment of 530 million euros in Arnstadt
Power semiconductors for energy management
Bosch and Infineon sign a cooperation agreement
License agreement for power MOSFETs

Mar. 2009

New lineup of Bosch garden tools for 2009
New models feature improved usability and functionality (Japanese only)
European Parliament makes ESC mandatory
Comprehensive package of measures for more road safety
Starting shot for global cooperation with ZF Services
Bosch plans to acquire AutoCrew GmbH
Extension of portfolio for wholesalers and workshops

Feb. 2009

Apologies for the discordance of "country of origin" labels of several Automotive Aftermarket products
Announcement of newly-appointed president of Bosch Corporation (Japanese only)
SCR exhaust treatment for diesel engines
Bosch launches Denoxtronic in the U.S.
Lower emissions – less fuel consumption
Air Conditioner Filters:
Air conditioner filter "Aeristo" series extended with eight new products for Mitsubishi vehicles (Japanese only)
Air Filters:
Eight new air filters that offer clean and safe engines released for imported cars (Japanese only)
Oil Filters:
Twelve new oil filters with outstanding filtering function released for imported cars (Japanese only)

Jan. 2009

Difficult year expected in 2009
Fehrenbach: corporate strategy paying off
Research and development expenditure remains high
Tire changers and wheel balancers to support precise maintenance activities (Japanese only)
Bosch Power Tools acquires parts of the Freud Group
Bosch further expands its business with power tool accessories
Investment of some 530 million euros in
ersol Solar Energy AG
Bosch expands solar production
Roughly 1100 new jobs to be created
PSA Peugeot Citroën and Bosch join forces on hybrid development
More and more models with fuel-saving technology
Bosch start/stop technology in Fiat 500
With smart sensors
Bosch team wins innovation and advanced technology award
Federal President Horst Köhler pays tribute to leading-edge technology


Dec. 2008

Bosch Survey regarding Vehicle Safety in Japan
Awareness regarding ‘active safety’ in Japan lower than in Europe
Strong growth with MEMS
One billion Bosch micro-mechanical sensors
For automotive and consumer electronics
New Eternal Zero HID bulbs released in Japan (Japanese only)

Nov. 2008

Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS)
Hybrid technology by Bosch Motorsport
Variable modular system for use-specific system design
Reduced emissions and lower fuel consumption
Modern Bosch diesel technology for Massey Ferguson tractors
Enhanced driving comfort and dynamics
25 years of Bosch electronic transmission controls
Fuel consumption cut – reduced CO2 emissions
"eSafety Award 2008" in the category Industry & Technology
Bosch communication of ESP® receives award
Drivers are made aware of advantages of safety equipment
New Hightec Silver battery for domestic cars in Japan (Japanese only)

Oct. 2008

Bosch announces the acquisition of sia Abrasives
Holding AG
Unanimous support of the board of directors of
sia Abrasives

IAA Commercial Vehicles 2008

Bosch expands its commercial vehicles business
Innovative technology lowers costs and protects the environment
Many innovations at the IAA Commercial Vehicles
Greater cost-effectiveness, more environmental protection, improved accident prevention - Bosch solutions for commercial vehicles

Dr. Bernd Bohr,
Chairman of the Bosch Automotive Group,
at the press conference for IAA Commercial Vehicles
in Hanover, September 23, 2008
Lower emissions – more fuel economy
Bosch exhaust gas-treatment components for light and heavy trucks
Reduced fuel consumption and emissions
Bosch hybrid components for commercial vehicles
High-pressure direct injection for diesel engines
Bosch common-rail systems make commercial vehicles cleaner and more economical
Electronic co-drivers with extra senses
Bosch driver assistance systems make commercial vehicles safer
Car-tested systems also for trucks
Third-generation long range radar
Extra wide-angle Bosch radar sensor
Cost-effective products open up new market segments
Worldwide endeavors to cut the number of accidents
EU Commission plans to mandate ESP® for passenger cars and commercial vehicles
Rexroth helps commercial vehicles save fuel
Hydrostatic Regenerative Braking system (HRB) for heavy commercial vehicles reduces fuel consumption by up to 25 percent
HRB Hydrostatic Regenerative Braking system from Rexroth for commercial vehicles and mobile equipment:
Rexroth reduces fuel consumption by up to 25 percent

Bosch parking assistant:
Stress-free parking
Vehicle automatically maneuvers into parking spaces

Sep. 2008

Bosch acquires German software company "Innovations"
Move will strengthen IT competence in the field of networked systems
Packaging Technology Division
Bosch to acquire engineering company Paal
Strengthening the systems business
Bosch Automotive Aftermarket to acquire the friction business of the Morse Group Strengthening of the brake components program
Bosch establishes Regional Headquarters for Research and Advance Engineering in Singapore
Announcement regarding price revisions for BOSCH automotive products and parts (Japanese only)
Corporate Name Change of Bosch Engineering Services Japan K.K.
Bosch and Samsung joint venture for lithium-ion batteries starts operations
Lithium-ion batteries
The future for hybrid and electric vehicles
Bosch pursuing long-term strategy to increase use of electric motors in drivetrains

Aug. 2008

Authorities approve Bosch and Samsung joint venture for lithium-ion batteries
Bosch Corp.: 1st half year settlement of the account in 2008 (Japanese only)
Bosch Corp.: Announcement regarding partial amendments in Articles of Incorporation and acquisition of Class Shares subject to Wholly Call (Japanese only)

Jul. 2008

From innovation to standard equipment
30 years of safe braking with Bosch ABS
Bosch Rexroth Plans Acquisition of Hägglunds Drives AB
Start/stop systems still gaining ground
Bosch has already delivered 500,000 starters
Bosch Rexroth acquires majority stake in Chinese pneumatics company Easun
Still too few small cars with ESC
Experts and associations unanimous in call to mandate ESC
Market analysis of ESC (Electronic Stability Control) in Japan:
Results show low ESC installation rate for family-type vehicles
Bosch Corp.: Announcement of fixing of the relevant date to call an extraordinary meeting of shareholders and a classified stockholders' meeting for ordinary stockholders of Bosch Corporation (Japanese only)

Jun. 2008

Bosch Corp.: The result of the tender offer for full ownership of Bosch Corporation (Japanese only)
Bosch Corp.: Announcement of changing the main share holder (Japanese only)
Bosch Corp.: Announcement of revising the prospective dividend as of December 31, 2008 (Japanese only)
Simpler assembly and minimized space requirements
Bosch integrates yaw-rate sensor and acceleration sensors in the ESC control unit
Bosch and Samsung SDI Co. Ltd. plan joint venture to develop and manufacture lithium-ion batteries
Diesel favored to triumph again
Bosch injection technology on board for the start of the "Le Mans 24 Hours 2008"
Axis, Bosch and Sony cooperate to standardize the interface of network video products
Boost for Power Tools division
Bosch purchases measuring tool business from Stanley
Strengthens position in the U.S.
Bosch Mahle Turbo Systems – Authorities approve joint venture for exhaust gas turbochargers
Renewable energies:
Bosch plans to acquire majority stake
in ersol Solar Energy AG
Activities in the photovoltaics field
Car Multimedia will focus on innovative, integrated system solutions in the future
New Aeristo air conditioner filter series for domestic cars in Japan (Japanese only)
New Mega Power Silver Lite battery for domestic cars in Japan (Japanese only)

May 2008

Annual Press Conference 2008

Positive development continued worldwide:
Bosch achieves sales and earnings targets
Good start to 2008 / "broad growth spectrum"
Annual Press Conference
"Bosch takes stock – sales revenue of 46.3 billion euros in fiscal 2007"
Quotes with Fehrenbach
Strategy of Bosch Group validated:
Broad growth spectrum throughout the world

Further expansion of activities in Southeast Asia:
Bosch opens subsidiary in Vietnam
Total investment of 55 million euros by 2015

Apr. 2008

Bosch Corp.: Announcement of finance & business results of 1st quarter in CY08 (Japanese only)
Bosch Corp.: Announcement of Endorsement of Tender Offer for Outstanding Shares (Japanese only)
Robert Bosch Launches Tender Offer for Full Ownership of Bosch Corporation, its Japanese Subsidiary

Personnel Changes

Personnel changes in the board of management and supervisory council of Robert Bosch GmbH
Uwe Raschke's Curriculum Vitae

Topping-out ceremony in Reutlingen
Important milestone in the expansion of Bosch semiconductor manufacturing facility
Start of production planned for mid-2009
Impressive evidence of innovative strength
Bosch files for significantly more patents
Bosch Rexroth plans to acquire Eppensteiner
Bosch acquires U.S. vehicle workshop equipment manufacturer Accu Industries Inc.
Specialist in tire service technology, wheel alignment, and brake lathes
Bosch acquires Chinese diagnostics equipment specialist Weicon

Mar. 2008

More safety for pedestrians
Brake assist systems significantly shorten braking distance

Feb. 2008

Bosch Corp.: Announcement of finance & business results in CY07 (Japanese only)
Bosch Corp.: Announcement of partial modification of the articles of incorporation (Japanese only)
Bosch Corp.: Announcement of the matters related to the parent company (Japanese only)
Bosch Corp.: Announcement of the perspective and policy about reduction in the unit price of the investment (Japanese only)
Continuation of positive developments worldwide:
Bosch increases sales and earnings
Growth in all business sectors
Bosch and MAHLE plan joint venture
to develop and manufacture exhaust gas turbochargers
Automotive Electronics
Maintenance-free intelligent tire pressure sensor
Digital engine management for low-emission cars
100 million Motronic control units from Bosch


Dec. 2007

FIA World Prize

Highest Road Safety Award for Bosch:
International Automobile Federation FIA honors Bosch for the development and marketing of ESC
Technology explained:
Bosch Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Nov. 2007

Bosch replacement parts program "Bosch eXchange" now available for domestic cars too (Japanese only)
Bosch Corp.: Information about finishing the acquisition of the own shares (Japanese only)
Bosch Corp.: Announcement of finance & business results of 3rd quarter in CY07 (Japanese only)
Bosch Corp.: Information about self-tenders (Japanese only)

Oct. 2007

Natural gas, ethanol, biodiesel
Bosch injection technology for alternative fuels
Flexible technologies help to conserve resources
Further expansion of development and manufacturing:
Bosch wants to triple Asian sales by 2015
Growth above all with "green" technologies
Bosch expands its presence in Korea:
Inauguration of new headquarters and extended
Technical Center in Yongin, Gyeonggi
Lighter, smaller, more versatile
NSA (New Seat Actuator) - the new modular drives from Bosch
New range of Bosch spark plugs! (Japanese only)
State-of-the-art testing technology
New compact system tester KTS200 by Bosch (Japanese only)

Sep. 2007

Bosch Corp.: Information about the acquisition of the own shares (Japanese only)
Revision: Bosch Corp. 1st half year settlement of the account in 2007 (Japanese only)

IAA 2007

Solutions for environmental protection and road safety:
A wide range of Bosch innovations at the IAA
Broad international presence paying off
More environmental protection, more road safety: Our areas of innovation for the car across the globe

Frankfurt International Motor Show
IAA 2007 Preview

Start/stop systems from Bosch cut fuel consumption and emissions
Bosch starter also used in new Mini and Mini Clubman
International Motor Show (IAA) 2007
Competence from Bosch for Low Price Vehicles
High-quality technology for inexpensive cars
Second Generation of Gasoline Direct Injection
Reduced emissions thanks to DI-Motronic from Bosch
Potential for future emission standards

New advanced technology Snow Wiper Blades by Bosch (Japanese only)

Aug. 2007

New market investigation by Bosch shows
Small cars in Europe are still only rarely equipped with ESC
Forty years of electronic gasoline injection
D-Jetronic from Bosch laid the foundations for modern gasoline engines
Electronic injection cuts CO2 output and pollutant emissions
New Bosch O2 (Lambda) Sensor Universal Type (Japanese only)

Jul. 2007

Bosch Corp.: 1st half year settlement of the account in 2007 (Japanese only)
Bosch Corp.: Revision of annual estimated business results in CY07 (Japanese only)
Supplier Award presented
Bosch award for top suppliers
High proportion of non-German companies
Changes at Robert Bosch Industrietreuhand KG and on the supervisory council of Robert Bosch GmbH

Organic Photovoltaics

German government and industry boost new technology
Using thin films to generate inexpensive solar power
Organic photovoltaics:
the quest for a self-sufficient house

Jun. 2007

New versions of the popular Aerotwin Multi series
Product lineup now includes units for opposed-wiping type wipers (Japanese only)
Double victory for diesel
Bosch injection technology wins in the endurance classic, the 24 Hours of Le Mans
Bosch diesel technology on the starting line at the Le Mans 24 Hours
Development partner to Audi and Peugeot
International Automotive Press Briefing in Boxberg:
Bosch technology is making automobiles around the world even safer, cleaner, and more economical
The vision: low-emission and accident-free driving
Tenth anniversary of common rail in cars
Bosch technology becomes standard for diesel engines
Strong growth expected in U.S. and Asia

May 2007

Anniversary for ABS, TCS and ESC
150 million brake control systems from Bosch
EU Commission, FIA, and Euro NCAP recommend:
"No car without ESC!"
Launch event for the "Choose ESC!" initiative

Apr. 2007

Award for Andrea Urban and Dr. Franz Lärmer
Bosch researchers are European inventors of the year
Bosch Corp.: Announcement of finance & business results of 1st quarter in CY07

Annual Press Conference 2007, Stuttgart

"Invented for life" more than ever before:
Opportunities for the profitable growth of the Bosch Group
2006: Sales up, return within target corridor
Bosch continues global growth course
Once again, strong growth in China and India

Mar. 2007

Demand-driven climate control
Bosch carbon-dioxide sensor saves fuel
New control strategy reduces energy requirement
Save fuel, protect the climate:
Start-stop systems reduce consumption and emissions
Roll-out at BMW, with Bosch starter
Bosch files for significantly more patents in 2006

Feb. 2007

Bosch announces sales of new Mega Power Ride batteries (Japanese only)
Bosch Corp.: Announcement of finance & business results in CY06 (Japanese only)
Bosch Corp.: Announcement of partial modification of the articles of incorporation (Japanese only)
Bosch Corp.: Announcement of election of the accounting auditor (Japanese only)
Acquisition of a U.S. manufacturer of water-source heat pumps
Bosch acquires FHP Manufacturing Company
Boost for the promising renewable-energy field
Five percent growth to 43.7 billion euros
Bosch: "Long-term strategy paying off"
Slight decrease in return

Jan. 2007

Blaupunkt and Kenwood plan cooperation:
Partnership in portable navigation
Innovative features for globally usable devices


Nov. 2006

Bosch Corp.: Announcement of finance & business results of 3rd quarter in CY06 (Japanese only)
Bosch Corp.: Revision of annual estimated business results in CY06 (Japanese only)

Oct. 2006

Incorporation of Bosch Engineering Services Japan
Takeover bid offers 1.92 Australian dollars per share:
Bosch bids for Pacifica Group
Bolstering international brakes business

IAA Commercial Vehicles 2006

IAA Commercial Vehicles 2006

Bosch Injection System for Diesel Racing Car Peugeot 908
2007 start planned for 24 hours at Le Mans
Bosch Sensortec for the first time
at CEATEC 2006 in Japan
Analog, fast-reacting sensor
New SMB363 triaxial acceleration sensor from Bosch Sensortec
ESC to become standard in the U.S.
U.S. road traffic authority to make ESC mandatory in drive to reduce road deaths further
Bosch announces sales of new Aerotwin Multi windshield wipers (Japanese only)

Sep. 2006

Launched 100 years ago with the magneto ignition device
Bosch looking to continue growth in the U.S.
United States is today the largest market outside Germany
First report on corporate responsibility
Bosch: Focus on conservation of environment and resources
2005: nearly 125 million euros expended for environmental protection

Aug. 2006

Bosch Corp.: 1st half year settlement of the account in 2006 (Japanese only)
Compact technology for greater safety
New Bosch ABS generation for motorbikes

Jul. 2006

ESC radically reduces accident figures
New US study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety confirms earlier results
Bosch Corp.: Information of choosing the temporary accounting auditor (Japanese only)
Change at Robert Bosch Industrietreuhand KG and on
the Supervisory Council of Robert Bosch GmbH
Bosch Corp.: Announcement of changing the accounting auditor (Japanese only)
Acquisition of a leading U.S. supplier of communication systems
Bosch to acquire Telex Communications
Significant boost to se Systems division

Jun. 2006

First place at Le Mans 24-Hours Race for the Audi R10
Victory with Bosch diesel injection technology
Total investment of some 550 million euros:
Bosch to build new semiconductor fab in Reutlingen, near Stuttgart
Roughly 800 jobs for Bosch associates
Manufacturing facility for diesel high-pressure pumps opened:
Bosch displays confidence in growth in India
Sales set to increase by 17 percent in 2006
Joint Development Activities
Bosch and Getrag agree to work together on hybrid systems with dual-clutch transmissions
160 million euros to extend facilities
Bosch further expands activities in China

May 2006

Bosch Sensortec GmbH expands business into Japan
Sales agreement for Bosch Sensortec MEMS products signed with leading Japanese distributors
Lecture of the Bosch MEMS at the "Nikkei TechOn Seminar" (Japanese only)
Bosch Corp.: Announcement of finance & business results of 1st quarter in CY06 (Japanese only)
Improved sales and result in 2005, good start to 2006
Bosch: good prospects internationally
Focus on conservation of environment and resources
Bosch supports implementation of the EU Road Safety Charter
Fitting ESP® to more vehicles is the goal

Apr. 2006

Bosch gasoline direct injection makes its debut with piezo injectors
Audi R10 TDI diesel racing car wins Sebring Twelve Hours

Mar. 2006

Apology and report of measures for groundwater pollution at Higashi-Matsuyama No.2 plant of Bosch Corporation (Japanese only)
100 million micromechanical sensors per year is world-class performance
Prize for the Flex Fuel engine management system
Bosch and MANN+HUMMEL to acquire Purolator filter business from ArvinMeritor

Feb. 2006

Bosch Corp.: Announcement of finance & business results in CY05 (Japanese only)
Positive development continued in 2005:
Bosch increases sales and earnings
Strong growth in Asia and the Americas
Bosch announces sales of new high efficiency halogen bulb lineup (Japanese only)
Bosch sets record in diesel technology
100 million Common-Rail injectors produced for passenger cars
Passenger-car know-how for commercial vehicles
Bosch and Knorr Bremse to cooperate in driver assistance systems

Jan. 2006

Audi and Bosch: partners in Le Mans
Diesel engineering for endurance classic


Dec. 2005

Strong Bosch involvement in China:
Bosch opens new development and manufacturing facility in China
Night Vision looks far ahead
The active Bosch Night Vision system offers convenience and safety in the dark

Nov. 2005

Changes in the Board of Management of Robert Bosch GmbH
Bosch Corp.: Announcement of finance & business results of 3rd quarter in CY05 (Japanese only)
Bosch announces sales of new horn lineup this autumn (Japanese only)
New Bosch steering angle sensors, Multiple versions for manifold applications

Oct. 2005

Start of construction work for new manufacturing facility in Bursa

Sep. 2005

Notice of move of main shareholders (Japanese only)
Bosch - Global Partner to the Automotive Industry
Statement at the IAA 2005
Concerning the revision of contents of news article in the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun on Sep. 7, 2005 (Japanese only)
Compact electronics to monitor the car battery
New electronic Bosch battery sensor
New ECU Airbag 10:
Airbag Electronic Control Unit from Bosch for optimal protection of vehicle occupants.
Anniversary: 25 years of airbag

Aug. 2005

Bosch Corp.: 1st half year settlement of the account in 2005 (2005/8/26) (Japanese only)
Bosch Corp.: B/S and P/L of 1st half year in 2005 (2005/08/26) (Japanese only)
Bosch and Mann+Hummel form joint venture for filter in India
Start of production planned for mid-2006
Bosch assumes industrial leadership of Kalyani Brakes Ltd., to expand its brake activities in India
Significant opportunities also seen for ABS

Jul. 2005

Bosch - multifaceted innovation in automotive technology
Announcement of merger and change of company name (Japanese only)
Notice of move of main shareholders

Jun. 2005

Sales of 2.3 billion euros in 2004
Bosch: Japan remains strongest market in Asia
Capital expenditures of more than 110 million euros in 2005
Ten years of Bosch micro mechanic sensors for automobiles: Small, reliable and competitively priced
Bosch expands its operations in Korea
More than 100 million euros to be invested by 2010

May 2005

Bosch Automotive Systems Corp.: Announcement of finance & business results of 1st quarter in CY05 (Japanese only)
High investments in the future:
Bosch continues on growth course
Further expansion of activities in China
Bosch opens Technology Center in China

Apr. 2005

Office Relocation of Bosch K.K.
Bosch donates some 3.4 million EUR to support the countries affected by Tsunami disaster
Predictive Safety Systems from Bosch - Driver support in situations with high risk of accident

Mar. 2005

Announcement of sales of investments in associated companies (Japanese only)

Feb. 2005

Bosch Automotive Systems Corp.: Announcement of annual business results in CY04 (Japanese only)
Bosch K.K. and Bosch Automotive Systems Corporation merge and change the company name as of July 1, 2005 (Japanese only)
Bosch Automotive Systems Corp.: Announcement of merger and change of company name (Japanese only)
Donations for earthquake and tsunami disasters off the coast of Sumatra (Japanese only)
Bosch on course for growth on all markets
Improved processes paying off

Jan. 2005

Bosch Automotive Systems Corp.: Announcement of the year-end dividend of CY04 (Japanese only)
Bosch announces sales of new Euro Spark spark plugs for imported vehicles (Japanese only)
Diesel share of newly registered passenger cars in Western Europe reaches all-time high


Nov. 2004

Bosch announces sales of new bulb series for imported vehicles (Japanese only)

Sep. 2004

New packages for the Bosch air conditioner filters and air filters for imported vehicles (Japanese only)
S-Tec 2004: Bosch Packaging Technology K.K. to exhibit the new bottle filler BF0105

Apr. 2004

Bosch Packaging Technology K.K. exhibits at Interphex Japan 2004

Mar. 2004

New package and additional items of the Bosch Aeristo air conditioner filter for Japanese domestic vehicles (Japanese only)


Dec. 2003

New product - Bosch "Air Majestic" Air Horn (Japanese only)
pester pac automations and Bosch Packaging Technology K.K. concluded partnership

Oct. 2003

Bosch Packaging Technology exhibits at the "S-tec" and the "Japan Pack" (Japanese only)

May 2003

Bosch Packaging Technology K.K. exhibits at the "FOOMA Japan 2003" (Japanese only)

Apr. 2003

Bosch Packaging Technology K.K. exhibits at the "16th Interfex" (Japanese only)

Feb. 2003

Change of President of Bosch Packaging Technology K.K. (Japanese only)