Power Tools



May 2016

New compact, high power, and easy to use high pressure washer AQT 33-11 (Japanese only)

Feb. 2016

New cordless multi driver/drill GSR18V-ECFC2
New generation of cordless driver/drill can be used for concrete too (Japanese only)


Nov. 2015

New series of compact and high power 10.8 volt lithium-ion cordless DIY power tools (Japanese only)

Sep. 2015

Full model change of the best selling IXO cordless screwdriver (Japanese only)

Mar. 2015

IXO cordless screwdriver is even more fun to use with the newly expanded "IXO Collection" of attachments! (Japanese only)


Sep. 2014

New PLR 15 laser rangefinder
The world's smallest and most lightweight laser rangefinder (Japanese only)

Feb. 2014

New two-in-one cordless garden shears set ISIO 2 (Japanese only)


Dec. 2013

New GLM 100C digital laser rangefinder
Smart solution for transferring and documenting measuring results (Japanese only)

Feb. 2013

New Keo handy-type cordless power saw for a wide variety of gardening and DIY tasks (Japanese only)


Aug. 2012

New series of 18 volt lithium-ion cordless DIY power tools
Full lineup of top class, high performance DIY power tools (Japanese only)

May 2012

New Bosch compact & low vibration new generation random action sander with microfilter system for clean sanding (Japanese only)


Nov. 2011

New Bosch lightweight & high-power compact battery driver drill with a 10.8 volt lithium-ion battery for high performance (Japanese only)

Jul. 2011

New Bosch 100V multi-cutter provides high power and enables continuous work (Japanese only)

Jun. 2011

New Bosch high-power handy hedge trimmer with a 10.8 volt lithium-ion battery for plenty of work (Japanese only)
New model of the Bosch battery-powered saber saw (Japanese only)

May 2011

New generation of Bosch DIY jigsaws
New models are compact, have high functionality, and are even easier to use (Japanese only)
New model of the popular battery-powered multi-cutter
Even higher productivity and usability (Japanese only)


Nov. 2010

New model of the best-selling handy type driver "IXO"
Even easier to use with additional new options (Japanese only)

Oct. 2010

Price reduction for Bosch 2kg class hammer drills for professional use (Japanese only)

Apr. 2010

Two new Bosch 10.8 volt battery tools
Battery impact driver and battery driver drill (Japanese only)

Mar. 2010

Two new Bosch laser rangefinders
Multi-function laser rangefinders with maximum measurement range up to 250m/150m (Japanese only)


Nov. 2009

Two new Bosch multi-function battery impact drivers
New series features improved functionality and usability (Japanese only)
New Bosch multi-function jigsaw guide makes jigsaws even easier to use
Feature-packed guide brings out the fun of using jigsaws (Japanese only)

Oct. 2009

New Bosch disc grinder power tools
Smallest grip circumference makes them easy to use!
Exceptional durability and safety! Max power 960W! (Japanese only)

Sep. 2009

New Bosch power drill with a 14.4V lithium-ion battery
Compact, multi-functional all-in-one drill (Japanese only)

Aug. 2009

Bosch battery impact driver "Double Chance Campaign" (Japanese only)
Two new Bosch laser rangefinders
Choose from two of the world's smallest laser rangefinders based on function and price (Japanese only)

Jul. 2009

Two new Bosch battery-powered saber saws
New models combine high safety and usability (Japanese only)
New Bosch SDS-max rotary hammer & demolition hammer
Reduced vibration while working (Japanese only)

Jun. 2009

New Bosch power tools equipped with lithium-ion batteries
New models combine high safety and usability (Japanese only)

Apr. 2009

New model Bosch power driver drill equipped with a 14.4V lithium-ion battery
New generation model combines high functionality and usability (Japanese only)

Mar. 2009

New lineup of Bosch garden tools for 2009
New models feature improved usability and functionality (Japanese only)